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(molecular biology) Unpaired nucleotide(s) in the end of a DNA molecule, which may be produced by a staggered cut on the DNA using a restriction enzyme.

(dentistry) An excess of filling material projecting beyond the cavity margin or normal tooth contour.


To hang across or beyond; be suspended over.


In molecular biology, an overhang can be in either strand of a DNA molecule. Thus, a 3' or 5' overhang may be produced. An overhang may only be a single unpaired nucleotide in the end of DNA or a longer stretch of unpaired nucleotides like in cohesive end.

Related forms: overhangs (verb: simple present), overhanging (verb: present participle), overhung (verb: past, past participle).

Compare: blunt end (molecular biology).
See also: sticky end, restriction enzyme.

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