Obsessional neurosis

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obsessional neurosis --> obsessive-compulsive personality disorder

A psychological disorder with a pervasive pattern of inflexible perfectionism which begins by early adulthood as indicated by many of the following symptoms: an unattainable perfectionism with overly strict standards which often make it impossible to complete a task; preoccupation with details, rules, lists, order, organization, or scheduling to the extent that the major point of the activity is lost; unreasonable insistence that others submit to exactly his or her way of doing things; an unnecessary, excessive devotion to work and productivity to the exclusion of leisure activities and friendships; rumination to the point of indecisiveness; (6) overconscientiousness about matters of morality, ethics, or values; (7) restricted expression of affection; (8) lack of generosity in giving time, money, or gifts when no personal gain is likely to result; and (9) an inability to discard worn-out or worthless objects even when they have no sentimental value.

Synonym: obsessional neurosis.

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