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1. To set on fire; to cause to burn with flame; to ignite; to cause to begin burning; to start; to light; as, to kindle a match, or shavings. His breath kindleth coals. (job xii. 21)

2. To inflame, as the passions; to rouse; to provoke; to excite to action; to heat; to fire; to animate; to incite; as, to kindle anger or wrath; to kindle the flame of love, or love into a flame. So is a contentious man to kindle strife. (Prov. Xxvi. 21) Nothing remains but that i kindle the boy thither. (Shak) Kindling her undazzled eyes at the full midday beam. (Milton) Could swell the soul to rage, or kindle soft desire. (Dryden)

Synonym: Enkindle, light, ignite, inflame, provoke, excite, arouse, stir up.

Origin: Icel. Kyndill candle, torch; prob. Fr. L. Candela; cf. Also Icel. Kynda to kindle. Cf. Candle.

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