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(Science: botany) a shrubby plant of the genus Jasminum, bearing flowers of a peculiarly fragrant odour. The j. Officinale, common in the south of Europe, bears white flowers. The Arabian jasmine is j. Sambac, and, with j. Angustifolia, comes from the East Indies. The yellow false jasmine in the Gelseminum sempervirens (see Gelsemium). Several other plants are called jasmine in the west indies, as species of Calotropis and Faramea.

alternative forms: jessamine] Cape jasmine, or Cape jessamine, the gardenia florida, a shrub with fragrant white flowers, a native of china, and hardy in the southern united states.

Origin: f. Jasmin, sp. Jazmin, ar. Yasmin, Pers. Yasmin; cf. It. Gesmino, gelsomino. Cf. Jessamine.

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