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to fling the limbs and body, as in making efforts to move; to struggle, as a horse in the mire, or as a fish on land; to roll, toss, and tumble; to flounce. They have floundered on from blunder to blunder. (Sir W. Hamilton)

Origin: cf. D. Flodderen to flap, splash through mire, E. Flounce, v.i, and flounder the fish.

1. (Science: zoology) a flatfish of the family Pleuronectidae, of many species.

The common english flounder is Pleuronectes flesus. There are several common American species used as food; as the smooth flounder (P. Glabra); the rough or winter flounder (P. Americanus); the summer flounder, or plaice (Paralichthys dentatus), atlantic coast; and the starry flounder (Pleuronectes stellatus).

2. A tool used in crimping boot fronts.

Origin: cf. Sw. Flundra; akin to dan. Flynder, Icel. Flyra, g. Flunder, and perh. To E. Flounder, v.i.

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