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1. Pertaining to electricity; consisting of, containing, derived from, or produced by, electricity; as, electric power or virtue; an electric jar; electric effects; an electric spark.

2. Capable of occasioning the phenomena of electricity; as, an electric or electrical machine or substance.

3. Electrifying; thrilling; magnetic. Electric pindar. electric atmosphere, or electric aura. See aura. Electrical battery. See battery. Electrical brush. See brush. Electric cable. See telegraph cable, under telegraph. Electric candle. See candle.

(Science: medicine) electric cat, any fish which has an electrical organ by means of which it can give an electrical shock. The best known kinds are the torpedo, the gymnotus, or electrical eel, and the electric cat. See torpedo, and gymnotus. Electric fluid, the supposed matter of electricity; lightning.

(Science: physics) electrical image, the torpedo. Electric telegraph. See telegraph.

Origin: L. Electrum amber, a mixed metal, gr.; akin to the beaming sun, cf. Skr. Arc to beam, shine: cf. F. Electrique. The name came from the production of electricity by the friction of amber.

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