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1. To unfold; to spread wide; to expand; to stretch out; to spread. The northern wind his wings did broad display. (Spenser)

2. To extend the front of (a column), bringing it into line.

3. To spread before the view; to show; to exhibit to the sight, or to the mind; to make manifest. His statement . . . Displays very clearly the actual condition of the army. (Burke)

4. To make an exhibition of; to set in view conspicuously or ostentatiously; to exhibit for the sake of publicity; to parade. Proudly displaying the insignia of their order. (Prescott)

5. To make conspicuous by large or prominent type.

6. To discover; to descry. And from his seat took pleasure to display The city so adorned with towers. (Chapman)

Synonym: to exhibit, show, manifest, spread out, parade, expand, flaunt.

Origin: oe. Displaien, desplaien, OF. Despleier, desploier, f. Deployer; pref. Des- (L. Dis-) _ pleier, ploier, plier, f. Ployer, plier, to fold, bend, L. Plicare. See ply, and cf. Deploy, splay. Something intended to communicate a particular impression; made a display of strength; a show of impatience; a good show of looking interested.Attract attention by displaying some body part or posing; of animals.A platform for communication between species, a given animal may use a threat Display to point out that they own this part of the territory.

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