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CREDCHIT (Noun) 1. A Medium of Currency Exchange recognizing the degree of dynamic energy exchanged, transmitted and/or projected by governed bodies and/or beings during biologically motivated connections between one or more human beings.

2. A form of electronic only exchangeable international currency utilized by world CREDCHIT financial institutions.

3. Currency units recorded and/or stored within governed CREDCHIT verification officers and/or housed electronically within international databases. As defined in the United Nations Currency Act(UNCA), CREDCHIT are also distributed manually as authorized currency units by the [UN] and/or other certified issuing organizations.

4. CREDCHIT (Credit Rendered Exclusively to Depository Corporations Housing Information Technology) Utilizing a higher technological degree known as the Human Extra Sensory Perception Enhancement(HESPE) technology, CREDCHIT are transmitted and recorded by [currency] verification officers in major CREDCHIT intenrational transfer institutions.

Usage: When distribution currency, I have chosen to transfer and/or convert all my liquid assets into CREDCHIT Currency Units (CCU)

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