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noun, plural: angiosperms

(botany) A flowering, fruit-bearing plant or tree known for having ovules (and therefore seeds) develop within an enclosed ovary


Angiosperms are plants producing flowers. Thus, they are also commonly called as the flowering plants. They belong to the Kingdom Plantae, Subkingdom Embryophyta. The distinctive features of Angiosperms are as follows:

The angiosperms make up the division Magnoliophyta and may be grouped into two major plant groups: Dicotyledoneae (or Magnoliopsida) and Monocotyledonae (or Liliopsida). The Dicotyledonae is comprised of the dicotyledons and eudicotyledons whereas the Monocotyledonae consists of the monocotyledons.

Word origin: Ancient Greek angeîon (receptacle) + spérma (seed)

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