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Post by carameldog » Thu Feb 17, 2011 6:12 am

Before I ask my question please understand I'm not an educated person, I left school in year 8, in 1972
so could any answers please be in plain simple language.
Is it possible for a child born in 1980 to have been un diagnosed with a form of pku or non pku ?
I have been surfing the net for a friend and I stumbled upon some pku sites. The small amount I could understand about non pku sounds like my son. Ie : Eczema, strong musty odour, learning difficulties, behavioral problems, he was labelled dyslexic and hyperactive. Another factor is my sons blue eyes, blonde hair and lack of skin colour. Not much if you take it one thing at a time but is it understandable if taken all together that I ask could it be ?
Thanks for taking time to read this and any answers or advice is welcome.

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Post by DRT23 » Sun Feb 27, 2011 1:16 pm

After reading your question, I made some search in the internet. The symptoms seem to be realeted to phenylketonuria, but you should make your son visit a doctor for a better diagnosis, of course.

The test is known as Guthrie test and has been used since mid-1960s in many countries. So, it's highly probably that the test was being conducted in the 80s in Australia. But, this doesn't mean that your son was tested properly.

I don't want to make you worried, but your son had better to see a doctor. And you should tell doctor what you're worried about. Another pku test should be conducted easily.

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