Wine laced with sugar results in rapid intoxication - Why?

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Wine laced with sugar results in rapid intoxication - Why?

Post by MarcoBio » Sat Aug 22, 2015 2:49 pm

I was introduced to this trick by a group of Spanish fruit pickers..... they invited us to their lodgings, and proceeded to grind sugar into the awful wine that we had been allocated.

They poured the wine into a washing up bowl... added the sugar.... then started grinding it with an upturned glass.

They told us it would get us drunk very quickly.
Of course we naively laughed at them, saying that there is no additional fermentation, to increase the alcohol.

Of course, after two glasses, they were laughing at us...... and we were all eating humble pie, with red cheeks and bleary eyes.

In my life, I have never got drunk so quickly on such a small quantity of wine.

Why is this?

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