Nature and Architecture!

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Nature and Architecture!

Post by messman » Sun Jul 18, 2010 9:41 pm

Hello everyone :)
I,m kind of new to this forum so I didn't know where to post my topic . I decided to put it here :)
I,m currently studying Architectural Technology and also have a BSc in Civil engineering. I,m currently working on my thesis with the title " Optimization of parametric natural forms, Micro and Macro". This optimization is done to study the potential of the forms for being used in architecture. I wanted to know if anyone is interested in this topic :) There are many papers which can be written :) I have been working on seashells , Corals and sponges for a while but there are so many mathematical forms in nature which can be parametrized and then optimized by mean of a structural analysis program. I will be happy to hear your opinion about this or anyone who is interested to write several papers on the topic :)
Have a nice day

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