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Post by MichaelXY » Sat Aug 29, 2009 12:05 pm

AstusAleator wrote:Sounds like a cool job. Sucks it doesn't pay, but it really does sound like you'll have some great networking opportunities and get your foot in lots of doors. Good luck!

We have been very busy, I have been contacting VP's and CEO's and other people. Making many contacts in the biotech, law and business industry. My boss, the CEO of our non profit org, calls me her Executive Assistant, I know secretary, but I am having fun helping her, she has given me a lot of her faith in that I know her credit card numbers so I can make orders, I receive all her calls, answer questions and make decisions on her behalf. I am busy to say the least.

If she gets her funding about 2 million start up money, and she will. If that happens I will be her right hand, and will gladly work as a secretary. It beats sticking pipettes in gel molds any day. Well I am not much for bench work. I love working as an EA I get to assist a brilliant person, I interact with the cream of the crop in the industry, and I don't have to work in a lab.

She said I am fired if I quit going to school because she knows that is important. I am putting in a lot of work for her company without pay, but I think it may pan out to be a real paying job someday.

My motives to help are mixed. Somewhere between helping child hood cancer and future prospects. Does that make me selfish?

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