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The Fiber Disease

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Postby London » Mon Oct 02, 2006 4:13 am

well then, uhh, on that note, mine is mild......


I'm sorry, now this is only the tip again of what I have on that University you are working with, but I thought you should know since you say that you are sick and all.....maybe you are just naieve? WEll whatever, but here is just a hint of what all they can do...

http://dnaproteincore.biochem.okstate.e ... spec.shtml

Now, you need to direct Wymore since he plays the innocent dumb role.

His f-ing University is just as bad as that GD Mary Leito and her fake arse!

and here is another list for them.....and, if one goes to the banner at the top of page, they will be turned on to lots of goodies.


these people are criminals and I hope to God they rot in hell!

As a matter of fact, I guess I should spill the big beans on them but I keep holding out hope.....for something like help, but have no fear, it won't be too much longer...l..

Now look at the viruses they have info on would you......yes, this is all where Dr. Wymore works......you know, the one that says "he has no idea" good Lord.....

wake up everyone.....he and they are in cahoots just like they tried to make it look like it was all leito's fault......which that B is dead when I see her......but anyway, it got her arse of the hook did it not......

now, who is going to get those weezils off the hook now?

Texas Rose is not sick.....hehehehehehehe and Lord forgive me, for she could really be but gd she is a dumb idiot if she can't see thru them!

King Cobra
King Cobra
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Postby Nadas Moksha » Mon Oct 02, 2006 4:33 am

brick by brick demolition style....
"each artificial peptidase is engineered so that the class of residue it is designed to attack is not exposed on its own external physical surface [112] -- that is, each artificial enzyme minimally exhibits strong autolysis resistance [110-116], with an ideal objective of near-zero autolysis. (A few natural enzymes retain full post-autolysis functionality [117].) Another significant design constraint is that natural bacterial enzymes already present in the morcellate (e.g., elastase produced by P. aeruginosa [118]) must have negligible activity against any of the microbivore's artificial enzymes. Since the target microbe's enzyme inventory is known in advance, the microbivore enzyme suite can be tailored to deal with any unusually troublesome bacterial enzymes, and optimal pH in the DC can be actively managed (see below).

Ensuring biological digestive universality while allowing the enzyme engineer sufficient diversity of available protein building blocks requires a minimum of two pre-activated artificial enzymes that attack specific peptide bonds in each of the seven major amino acid classes -- acidic (Asn, Asp, Gln, Glu), aliphatic (Ala, Gly, Ile, Leu, Val), aromatic/hydrophobic (His, Phe, Trp, Tyr), basic (Arg, His, Lys), hydroxylic (Ser, Thr, Tyr), imino (Pro), and sulfur (Cys, Met). The present design thus includes a requirement for 14 artificial endopeptidases, plus 2 broad-spectrum artificial tripeptidase [119] and dipeptidase [120] if needed to complete the digestion of potentially bioactive tripeptides and dipeptides to free amino acids.

Enzymes capable of degrading nucleic acid polymers are classified as deoxyribonucleases (specificity for DNA) or ribonucleases (specifically hydrolyzing RNA), or as exonucleases (hydrolyzing a nucleotide only when present at a strand terminus, moving in only one direction, either 3'®5' or 5'®3') or endonucleases (cleaving internal phosphodiester bonds to produce either 3'-hydroxyl and 5'-phosphoryl termini or 5'-hydroxyl and 3'-phosphoryl termini) [105]. Some endonucleases can hydrolyze both strands of a double-stranded molecule, others attack only one strand of a double-stranded molecule, while still others cleave only single-stranded molecules. Restriction endonucleases recognize specific DNA sequences -- for example, Hpa I recognizes a specific double-strand 6-base sequence (GTTAAC/CAATTG) and selectively cleaves both strands of the double strand in the middle at the TA/AT bond, producing an unreactive molecular "blunt end" [105]. There are ten distinct dinucleotide bond combinations (AA, AC, AG, AT, CC, CG, CT, GG, GT, and TT), which suggests that 10 artificial endonucleases may suffice, plus 2 general-purpose dinucleases to complete the digestion to mononucleotides, for a total of 12 artificial polynucleotidases.

Additional engineered enzymes (not included in the present design) may be needed to digest bacteriophages that may be resident inside certain bacteria. To avoid digestion by bacterial restriction enzymes, phages often employ unusual molecular substitutions involving 2,6-diaminopurine, 6-methyladenine, 8-azaguanine, 5-hydroxymethyl uracil, 5-methylcytosine, 5-hydroxymethylcytosine, and others [121]. For example, B. subtilis phage DNA replaces thymine with hydroxymethyluracil and uracil; S-2L cyanophage replaces adenine by 2-aminoadenine (2,6-diaminopurine); SPO1, SP82G, and Phi-e substitute hydroxymethyl dUTP for dTTP in the phage DNA up to 20%; PBS1 and PBS2 phages substitute uracil for thymine; T-even (T2/T4/T6) phage DNA replaces dCMP by hydroxymethylcytosine which is then further glycosylated, rendering the phage DNA resistant to host restriction; and in phage Mu DNA, a unique glycinamide moiety modifies about 15% of the adenine residues [121]. Given our complete future knowledge of phage genomes and the bacteria they are likely to inhabit, a comprehensive phage digestive strategy can be planned and installed in advance, during microbivore design and construction. This problem is not considered serious in the case of standard antibiotic therapy."

Microbivores: Artificial Mechanical Phagocytes using Digest using Digest and Discharge Protocol

hey barz london sky tram tam this is an avant guarde music project i do to banish the gimps saturating the airways ..

http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fu ... D=94146844

im flaking str8 off this board for a bit ..
hang in there ..... ............

peace in you, no peace on earth

Nadas Moksha
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Postby RANDY » Mon Oct 02, 2006 7:25 am

Obviously another Psycho B##ch..Nadas..another grand poster of nothing..posting volumes of misinformation and being nasty to those actually doing something..since that is a threat to those whose job it is to spread disinformation. Such class. such style...such manic modes. Such ramblings of a psycho path-skits...such manic ramblings....sticks and stone dearie....stick and stones.

What have you done today to help anyone? Do you know where your paranoid personality is tonight?

During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?
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King Cobra
King Cobra
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Postby RANDY » Mon Oct 02, 2006 7:35 am

And London:

Every university does this type of work now.

DO SOMETHING other than look to see who is after you and trying to hurt you and against you and it is all about you. YOU, YOU , YOU ..what you can find out about others, what volumes of garbage you can find on the internet. who is doing this to you , who is not telling you the truth. It is all about YOU! Do YOU not see that?

Do something for others and stop worrying about who is out to get you . You sound paranoid and mentally ill when you do this. Do you not see yourself?

Help not hinder. Do not search the internet for spies..ooooohhhhhhhh spies...everywhere..spies...everyone is a spy..everyone works for the government..they all are out after you, your car, your phone, your computer...all about you. YOu are so very important to the USA. Forget Bin Laden they only care about LONDON!!!

If you actaully were doing something real to help you would not have the time to think that everyone is against you and trying to fool you. You would actually be doing soething to HELP. Now there is a word..help..not ihinder with saying everyone who is helping is a spy out to get you and lie to YOU. YOU,YOU, YOU it is all about YOU. NOt the disease but YOU.

That is just a sickness and the fact that you can not see this speaks volumes.

DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE and that is not searching the internet for spies. That is just crazy.

Sorry but true. HELP..find a scientist that can help, organize a fund raiser..do SOMETHING!!!!!!

All you do is type and search and accuse..it is getting real old. No one wants ot go on that crazy road trip except Nadas.

Par for that course.

During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?
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King Cobra
King Cobra
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Postby SarahConnor » Mon Oct 02, 2006 9:19 am

Do you think I should wear a combat military hard hat before posting here?

London - how you going mate, miss you, still think ya funny lady!

You know what I read today on a blogsite? That you and I are the most despied two people on the internet. Not nice hey.

I haven't heard a peep from ML. No reply email, can't get through on the phone. Dr G Smith phoned me, said he thinks she is way out of the picture. I am not sure what is happening there but would rather stay out of it.

I have put enough of my crap upfront, and lost my way recently due to severe paranoia. I am running on unleaded my iron level is 7. I keep tryin sooo hard to keep healthy.

Looks like you guys have worked ya little buts off, well done, and thank you.

There is a guy named Al who has joined me on MW. He registered with MRF June this year. Him and I have covered lots of ground this week. We are workin REAL HARD behind the scenes.

Anyway, will leave you to it, because I know this website is purely for research and stuff and I don't want to get in the way.

Keep fighting the good fight people.
Take care, love SarahC (aka Gillian)
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Postby London » Mon Oct 02, 2006 9:53 am


Did you say something? I saw your n ame but just glide rigjht over your post. Go away B. and hell yes, London, London, London......I may be ill but you make me sicker than ill. Barf!

You and Sara BD need to go have a drink, invite Jane and the honorable why don't cha hahahahahaha

Hi lil Sara, they can hate on you know? Tell them hi for me at the watch!

I still have not been there.....

To all:

you may have seen thiis, no biggy:

http://www.latimes.com/news/local/ocean ... full.story
King Cobra
King Cobra
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Re: disability??

Postby befour » Mon Oct 02, 2006 11:32 am

RANDY wrote:
You do not know who or what I am becuase your eyes are clouded in fear and are pointed in the incorrect direction of phoney baloneys who are making fun of you at your expense. I am not one of them but I know this to be a fact.



In the above post to me, you stated that it is a fact certain people are making fun of me. "Fact" means that it can be proven.....I would like to see the proof...........

1.) Who are the "phoney baloneys" that you refer to?

2.) What exactly are they making "fun" of?

I DO expect a reply from you.....YOU are the one that brought it up...and I want to know why you would say such a thing, just to hurt me.

If you do not reply with the proof.....I will know that you were lying, but that would not be a big surprise.

Do you ever remember hearing that you "reap what you sow?" It is a quote from the Bible......you might want to remember that the next time you treat someone as if they are inferior to your imagined perfection.

I could never imagine being so cold and calculating as you have been, with no regard for anyone but yourself......But that's the BIG difference between you and I........I have a conscience.

Death Adder
Death Adder
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Postby Barz » Tue Oct 03, 2006 12:04 am

Hi Randy,

It seems no one here really cares for the way you handle things. Since you think we are all losers and that we do nothing. We will call you if we need anything. I think we ALL have your number. You posted it how many times. Please tell Dan and Sen. Allen hello. I know you are our saviour and I should be on my knees thanking you, but your tone is just so annoying. How many I told you so PMs have you sent me regarding what a phony tam is. Guess what? I'll put my faith in him rather then listen to your arrogance anyday!!!

I think you must have been one of those very unpopular people growing up. You seem to have to prove yourself incessantly. YOU ARE GREAT!!!There you go.

You think tam is a liar and a phony and we are all losers! Therefore why waste your time here when you have more people to save? We have done nothing except post things that we don't understand and we are all paranoid. You have been kicked off every other forum out there. TAKE THE HINT. Youve stated your case and your beliefs. You would rather believe Dan Rutz. Suit yourself.
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Postby RANDY » Tue Oct 03, 2006 1:17 am

This is not your site. People read this and as long as they do I will be here speaking the truth.

I also wrote you a PM about the agro thing that is already being researched and is going for a grant from the NIH..but you did not mention that here.
How funny is that one. I sent you over the letter the guy sent me.

Your info about that has been researched by those involved for over a year.

The guy at Stony Brook who wrote me and who I wrote and who someone mentioned is doing the research already.

So the Agrobacterium thing is already being coverd by the expert and he is working with a doc who is with the cause.

Anyway..here is what is really going on:

http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stori ... 153&EDATE=

I really am not in this to be popular. If I was I would not post here. I am here to cut through the BS-ers and reveal the truth to new people and smart people who are willing to listen.

That is not the mega posters on this site. That is not my problem. I am a person who is an activist..if you do not like that..sorry..it is not about you ..at all!

I am sure that there are many out there reading & very happy that I am doing what I am doing and not at all upset with the fact that someone is not looking up EVERYTHING without a way to prove it and that someone is real enough to give their phone number and personal e-mail and not hide in the shadows.

I really do not care at all if you all hate me. It is NOT about me or London or even you ..it is about this disease..so you all need to get out of your own ways and DO something productive and not just balh blah.

Find a scientist if you have no faith in the ones that are truly helping.....find your own or shush up.

Just remember this site is not about YOU it is about this disease. Try and REMEMBER that..would ya?

During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?
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King Cobra
King Cobra
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Postby Barz » Tue Oct 03, 2006 2:28 am

Now more about me. . . .

Randy, all that post states is EVERTHING tam tam says it would. Read corssinglines.net will ya. This is what he as been not so clearly trying to freaking tell you.

If this discussion has been going on for a year, they owe it the the people fcking suffering with this an explaination. They all want our money, but we have to hear about what is really going on from a little blurb on a news report and aholes like you????????
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Postby Skytroll » Tue Oct 03, 2006 3:34 am


Why do we need post transcription studies by these scientists you so closely know at either Stoney Brook or Cold Spring Harbor?

Could it be that something got out of control that now controls how species populate? And that would be the UN's goal now wouldn't it? And of course that would have to be local, state wide because that is how they work, I know. And in secret.

And might that just be South's dilemma? You want to talk fire with fire, this is not about who rules or controls. We are talking a way to stop population expansion, aren't we? Abortion didn't do enough, did it?

But, this damn bacteria can do it all!

"Bacteria Spurs Speciation

In order for one species to diverge into two, a population must be divided into groups that cannot interbreed. Usually this reproductive isolation stems from genetic incompatibility, which can arise when a geographical barrier separates the groups, allowing them to drift apart genetically. A report published today in the journal Nature, however, describes the case of two closely related wasp species for which that barrier is not a river, nor a mountain range, but rather a microbial infection. The new research suggests that a bacteria known as Wolbachia pipiens spurred the evolution of these wasps.

Wolbachia is a particularly wily bacteria. In order to assure that as many wasps as possible pass the microbe on to the next generation, Wolbachia, which is passed down through the maternal line, alters the sperm of its male host such that it can only breed with an infected female. Any offspring from that pairing will thus inherit the microbe. Uninfected offspring can result only from matings between uninfected wasps. (The two wasp species can, in fact, interbreed if given an antibiotic to kill the Wolbachia.)

After studying the many genetic barriers that can keep the species apart, the researchers found that the presence of Wolbachia was the most formidable barrier to interbreeding and thus likely the oldest. "We're not claiming that Wolbachia are solely keeping the two wasp species reproductively separated in nature, but we have shown that the ability of the bacterium to alter that insect's reproduction predates other genetic reproductive barriers," says team member John Werren of the University of Rochester. "That supports the argument that Wolbachia can promote host speciation." --Kate Wong "

http://www.sciam.com/article.cfm?articl ... =1&catID=1

What in the hell was the purpose of this study or the creation of this bacterium in the bee? Why do bees of all things ("the birds and the bees", you liberals have to make this metaphoric, don't you? ) have to be the carriers of such horrible life sucking bacteria?

Have births been down lately, folks? And it is about androgeny, no doubt.

King Cobra
King Cobra
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Postby Skytroll » Tue Oct 03, 2006 3:57 am

Oh, not just androgeny, but females only?
Wasn't that a Zionist thing? To kill all first born males.. Why just males? Seems to be the Evolutionist aim doesn't it?

"Could Wolbachia be co-opted as a weapon of terrorism?
The motive for applying Wolbachia to terrorist agendas already exists. Western thinking received a serious wake-up call September 11, 2001. Before 9/11 who would have believed that a group of people would deliberately commandeer an airliner, kill the crew, and then crash the airplane into a skyscraper? And yet it happened, almost four times in a
single day. Modern 'anything-goes' terrorists don't think like the work-a-day folks of western society. The only question that remains is what terrorist groups might have an interest in controlling reproduction? Following are some examples:

Overpopulation activists seeking to reduce the world's population of humans,

Religious fundamentalists seeking:

A Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse,

Another world-cleansing event such as Noah's Flood,

A means of keeping all reproduction within the faith,

Master race advocates seeking to eliminate:

The genetically inferior, e.g., congenitally crippled, retarded, low intelligence

Other ethnic groups who have encroached on their territory, i.e., ethnic cleansing,

Weapons of mass destruction advocates seeking a new form of germ warfare,

Imperialist regimes seeking to subjugate the populations of lesser nations for
their own purposes, e.g., maintaining a large supply of cheap manual labor to
work in mines, or on plantations.

That Wolbachia could theoretically find its way into humans has been
established, the major biological impediment being Wolbachia's disdain for the more tropical climate found in mammalian gametes. Skeptics might also argue that, as with insects in the laboratory, Wolbachia have proven easy to eliminate with antibiotics such as tetracycline. (Set aside for the moment that overuse of antibiotics can render them ineffective against microbes.) Moreover, with the development of the polymerase chain reaction, endosymbiont microbes such as Wolbachia have become much easier to detect. Finally, there is the problem of propagation. How would a terrorist group disseminate such a weapon on a local, national, or international scale? So at first blush Wolbachia would only make for a low-tech, easily-countered weapon.

Wolbachia could be made into a sophisticated and sinister weapon of
reproductive control. Consider the well-known organelle common to almost all nucleated cells in nature, the mitochondrion. Normally responsible for providing for the cell's internal energy requirements, the mitochrondrion shares its genetic lineage with Wolbachia and the two organisms harbor many of the same behavioral characteristics, e.g.,
both are only inherited along maternal lines. Indeed, it has often been observed in such plants as corn and rye that the mitochondrion is responsible for skewing the sex ratio in favor of females, the better to propagate more mitochondria. This gives rise to two notions:

Could Wolbachia, with it rich assortment of genetic engineering tools, be converted into an organelle such as the mitochondrion? Many biologists believe that it is evolving that way and that in millions of years that will be the new biological norm.

Or could the existing mitochondrion be grafted with those same tools as Wolbachia at the DNA level?

It is the latter that bears consideration. On the one hand, a mitochondrion genetically modified to behave as Wolbachia could be exceedingly difficult to detect. How does one tell a benign mitochondrion from a modified one, given the only difference is in the internal DNA? Admittedly, with modern gene sequencing equipment, this is not impossible, but imagine trying to diagnose a local population of millions of people with such means! On the
other hand, destruction of such a mitochondrion through antibiotics is a far simpler proposition until one has to address the host gametes' need for an alternate internal energy supply. The cure is effective but lethal.

Could Wolbachia be co-opted as a weapon of terror?

How do you know it hasn't already?

source; http://www.ejnerfulsang.com/Wolbachia.h ... 0terrorism?

And we do know who loves his butterfiles.

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