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The Fiber Disease

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Postby Skytroll » Thu Jul 20, 2006 2:37 pm

Ah but when the amoeba acquired a flagella that is when it could became motile and also crossed the amoba, bacteria, protozoan level, from one cell to multicell.

Hence the para.........

Wrote a letter to author of newspaper article, great to see it in the newspaper, which still are my favorite mode of tranporting articles.

Research is such a wonderful thing, we learned that at the university. We know how to dig things out.

I think everyone on here is excellent and has such wonderful ideas. Now, to get the attention of scientists who will look beyond, because they already know what is going on, but, to look beyond what they know would be a challenge for any scientist or medical professional. Along with all the new tech, these folks should be on top of all this.

Where are they?

The hole in getting this to be examined, is the media, have known this for a long time, so by getting a good article out there, like the above, which does not cover for anything, but reports what is actually occuring concerning this disease is magnificent, and we do have the freedom and the intellect to look through a microscope. We cannot identify this, that is the scientist's job, but, if he/she is being held back by rules because of control of intellectual properties, and controlling agencies, then we will not find them in the big labs, will we?

The big labs have a clear cut agenda. And we know this is political. So, until we get those real writers out there who are willing to investigate, and those media heads who want real news not programmed news, then we will be those investigative reporters on what we find.

So, I think we all on here are doing just that.

I applaud all of you.

So, even though we are not scientists we have the capacity, knowledge, and our brains are still functioning until the tangles appear, then we can and have the freedom to post what we find. It may not connect, but, it is part of the chaos of researching.

Out of the chaos will come order. Also, have had some art background. Information works the same way.

Thank you everyone,

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Postby Cilla » Thu Jul 20, 2006 2:46 pm

Hi London,

I don't know what you mean about not taking my post 'that way', but this is not what is important.

What is important is your health. Of course I care when anyone expresses suicidal ideation, especially if this is because of how this condition is making them feel. The Morgellons Research Foundation also cares very much about this, and, I think, publishes a telephone number which people can contact should they feel in a desperate state of mind because of this.

I unfortunately do not know anything at all about ozone therapy, and have only the haziest notions of how this is applied. Perhaps 1arrow could explain this in much more detail, which would ideally include the different forms of ozone available, along with a list of doctors who practise this therapy after diagnosing a given condition.

Is it being proposed that it could be applied to the 'callus' by such an expert practitioner? In what manner? Would this doctor also prescribe medication, (systemically and topically), such as that contained within the regimen prescribed by experts in treating this condition?

Perhaps this, and the possible prescribing of some other alternative medical remedies, would be seen by such a registered health care professional as being of supplementary benefit to the particular patient that they have personally examined and diagnosed as suffering from this condition.

I do not think that you should give equal weight to speculation on the benefits of 'fringe medicine' vis-a-vis my specific conclusion stated in the previous post.

I really think, since you say that you are able and willing to travel to San Francisco, that the best clinical course for you is to obtain the new patient's pack from the office of Ginger Savely, Nurse Practitioner, with a view to making a definite appointment for subsequent diagnosis and, if deemed professionally appropriate, ongoing prescribed treatment and monitoring thereafter.

Read everything that this professional has said, which would include the various interviews recorded by the media.

Why have you not responded to the point being made, viz. that if you do have this condition, (remember, it could be something else), then you require to consult a registered healthcare professional who is skilled in the particular art of diagnosing it, and in prescribing from the particular regimen of drugs in such a manner that the various pathological elements of it are safely and effectively dealt with?

Why are you not only not responding to this very clear advice, but instead are continuing to research other entities, some of which may have but a tenuous relationship, when such activity is not only very tiring, but will not avail you of any assuagement whatsoever of your apparent clinical condition?

Take a leaf out of Randy's book. She is now able to work more than 12 hours a day, purely because she had the benefit of obtaining a suitable regimen of medically prescribed medication, (from the different classes of drugs that her doctors deemed prudent). Prior to that, as Randy has generously shared with others, she was really quite ill. Various over the counter remedies, provided that these were not contraindicated in any way, have also been used by Randy to help heal any existing lesions. She has explained all this in previous posts.

Consider too the original Schwartz protocol, and observe the similarities between the different regimens or protocols prescribed by the professionals currently.

What exactly will be prescribed for a given patient will depend on the clinical judgement of the professional, as will other issues such as possible sequencing issues, e.g. which drugs should be used first, and when a drug aimed at targeting a different element of the condition should be introduced. A lot may well rest on the individual patient's response to the medication, which would include the necessary ongoing clinical laboratory testing, ensuring, e.g. that the white blood cell count is still within a normal range.

Will you consider going to see such a healthcare professional?
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Postby Skytroll » Thu Jul 20, 2006 3:00 pm


Red squirrels in Michigan are getting squirrel pox, I have seen it on a squirrel we had, they become paralyzed, and stay in one spot. Their stomachs are covered in lesions. I brought this up to the DNR here, but, of course they say humans cannot get this. There are other animals getting this type of thing too.

The grey and black squirrels do not get his.

Adaptation and natural selection and this is on the agenda of the UN's exotic species etc. This means that the red squirrel is not true squirrel, in fact believe it was imported, so there is an agenda to bring back the true species to the areas of which they truly belong. These diseases are gene specific. Can be done.

Why is e-coli always used to study in labs? Because it is the smallest bacteria with a flagella.
So, you do not think that the next step would be to prove that the flagella became attached somewhere in evolutionary theory?

It would have to be created in a lab, wouldn't it?

The protist could have been created years back, and now with genetic modification anything can be, can't it?

The tree of life construction is including these evolutionary developments done in a lab as part of the tree of life.

And, bioweapons began in WWI. It was called glanders and was spread over the US in products most probably.

Actually smallpox was put on blankets given to Indians. So there has always been a disease associated with either war, or ethinic background.

Adaptation and natural selection, they have found a way. Species specific, and the connect from the amoba, to protozoa, to plant, to flying bugs, to fish, to mouse, and eventually to man.

But, what if we were all created in molds specific to organism. The only way disease would begin is when those genes were altered for sake of adaptaion, or proteins were altered, this is where the mutations could only take place.

This is one avenue.

If the amoeba has been changed, the worms come along, the birds eat the worms, they poop out the remains, the bacteria, the bacteria gets in the air, the water, the soil, and pollen, and the bacteria is altered already, then it is protein specific, and this is where the transfer would take place, in the bacteria, too much altered protein specific bacteria in the air, causing mutations in other species.

How else could it be in the human population?

History can tell us what has happened. You know the hidden history? Or that which is in plain sight.

The only way it could jump species is if it proteins were altered. Proteomics.

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Postby hartuk » Thu Jul 20, 2006 3:04 pm

Hello All,

I hope I am not grossing everybody out, but as Randy requested here are the before and after Itraconazole treatment images.
The top image is today, the bottom March '06.

neck.jpg (27.05 KiB) Viewed 20647 times
headtoday1.jpg (16.55 KiB) Viewed 20904 times
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Postby Skytroll » Thu Jul 20, 2006 3:15 pm


What do you think about this?

Diseases of blood in animals: ... 2&PID=2620

"Hereditary disorders may affect any blood cells or plasma proteins. For many hereditary blood diseases, the biochemical basis has been elucidated; for some, the specific molecular genetic defect has recently been identified. In fact, erythrocytic pyruvate kinase deficiency was the first biochemical defect characterized in companion animals, and hemophilia B was the first molecular defect determined in domestic animals. On the other hand, the precise cause of cyclic hematopoiesis in Gray Collies still needs to be discovered despite extensive research over the past 30 years. Overall, the study of these hereditary blood disorders has greatly contributed to the better understanding of blood cells and protein functions."

So, blood cells and protein functions, oh say in humans? That would be the level scientists could even help us, I would imagine.

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Postby Skytroll » Thu Jul 20, 2006 3:20 pm


Wow. Big change. Did you take this oral, or was it in a cream?

In the last picture, I can see where the larvae migrans is still there. Does it heal that? Eventually?

Thank you Hartuk,

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Postby Skytroll » Thu Jul 20, 2006 3:33 pm


We still need to find the cause. That is what I am after, otherwise we are only treating the symptoms, but that in and of itself is a good thing.

However, if cause is identified, we can heal based on cause specific. Can be prevented, then.

This is not generally done in today's science, if one is looking only at gene specific diseases or labeling it fungal only, or worm only, or specific bacteria, so an organism that can do all this to create this diseases that goes in phases. Each phase needs to be treated.

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Postby Skytroll » Thu Jul 20, 2006 4:57 pm

Lets start with Glanders:

What is glanders?
Glanders is an infectious disease that is caused by the bacterium Burkholderia mallei. Glanders is primarily a disease affecting horses, but it also affects donkeys and mules and can be naturally contracted by goats, dogs, and cats. Human infection, although not seen in the United States since 1945, has occurred rarely and sporadically among laboratory workers and those in direct and prolonged contact with infected, domestic animals.

Why has glanders become a current issue?

Burkholderia mallei is an organism that is associated with infections in laboratory workers because so very few organisms are required to cause disease. The organism has been considered as a potential agent for biological warfare and of biological terrorism.

SOURCE: ... .htm#issue


Burkholderia mallei Genome Project

Burkholderia mallei, the bacterium that causes glanders, produces fatal infections in man and animals, particularly in equines. B. mallei, a highly infectious as an aerosol, was used as a biological weapon during WWI against the US and more recently in Afghanistan, it is considered to be a Category B bioterrorist agent. Since we are vulnerable to this biothreat agent because there is no rapid detection assay, no reliable antibiotics, and no vaccine available, and our knowledge of this bacterial pathogen lags far behind that of other pathogens, NIH-NIAID funded genome project (U01AI049037) for sequencing B. mallei ATCC 23344, a highly pathogenic clinical isolate, has been expanded to generate whole genome shotgun sequences for 9 different phenotypically characterized strains in the natural host (equine or man) that differ greatly in virulence. All data will be released immediately in the public domain



Many forms.

Used in WWI.

Smallpox before that.

There is a sequence to this.

The terrorist are among us. They are exotic species terrorists.

Adaptation and natural selection, either by high tech products or by genetic manipulation of proteins.

Now, to prove it. Evidence needed first, not facts?
Cilla? Why does it have to be created in the lab? in the first place?

Vaccines only further the destructive process.

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Postby London » Thu Jul 20, 2006 4:57 pm

Whoa....great post you guys!


Thank you for saying that last page....I was shocked! Thought I'd get a
bio-polar diagnosis- LOL...

Yes, I remember you saying the chlamydia better believe it.....I have a ton of articles on water and these amoebae's if you're interested. In fact, I think they are the TROJAN HORSE of the microbial world.....

and Hartuk, this is for you....sorry, I don't have a hyperlink but I bet it won't be hard to find one.

Clinical effects of fluconazole in patients with neuroborreliosis.
Eleven patients with neuro-borreliosis had been treated with 200 mg
fluconazole daily for 25 days after an unsuccessful therapy with
antibiotics. At the end of treatment eight patients had no borreliosis
symptoms and remained free of relapse in a follow-up examination one
year later. In the remaining four patients, symptoms were considerably
improved. At the end of therapy immune reactivity (IgM+) disappeared in
three patients. Since borrelia spp. are almost exclusively localised
intracellular, they may depend on certain metabolites of their
eucaryotic host cell. Inhibition of P450 and other cytochromes by
fluconazole may incapacitate Borrelia upon longterm exposure.

Now is 'nt that some great news!

Skytroll, Hi, hope you are doing okay.....yes, I remeber you saying something about that (the flagela before and I found the exact answer to that.....I remember finding it...I just have bad brain fog and do not know where to locate it....I will certainly try to though....

Now, have you heard, and if so, are you familiar with this word:

If not, learn it.....I need your sage knowledge on it... but I can tell you is very important in the transmission of our disease. Well, that's about all I can tell you too b/c that is all I know. HAH!
oh,yeah, you asked Hartuk how can transmission of something go to something else> a complete diff. species...well, that is an easy one -
Cloning, transpons, biotechnology, labs, satanic scientist.....duh.... :)


Whoaaaaaaaaaaa Well, did I get an answer or what? I loved it! First, thanks for writing it and thanks for caring. Thanks a lot. I swear I had no idea what you were talking about re: me and SanFran/healthcare, etc.,

But I saw your Ms Savely, I was certainly not ignoring you, I just had not seen it. I actually did not even come look at this site
for 2 days. (wow for me , huh?) Anyway, for starters, I tried to see her when she was still in Texas. She was not taking any new patients.

Are you saying you know she is now? I have no idea, I really don't.

Yes, I think she is doing wonderful things. I really do. And since I found
the title to a recent paper she co-authored, well, that really gave me confidence that she knew what this was....and also served the purpose of self satisfaction for me....b/c I do know what this is and it matched the title of her paper. Sorry, can't print it-there is no abstract available.

It was just written last month! I'm sure something will come about real soon with this> I guess??? That's besides the point too. Anyway, yeah, my doctor said to me....You really need to get into see this Ms.Savely women...that is who to see.....

yeah, I'd go....if I could remain anonymous....but that can't happen can it? I dunno. Why did I say that? Just been getting bad vibes on some foundations and I frankly got sick of the mess. And, a very unfriendly moderator at Lbusters who never has had one nice thing to say to me
wrote / co authored this paper....(i think they did anyway) and well, that just bothered me to tell you the truth. I am sick. I do not work for them -nor do I answer to them. That is all! Just weird bad vibes I get from it.

So, this is where I'm kind of like stuck like chuck! She hersellf (ginger)
seems A-okay to me! Now, she has also said that antibiotics -she has had success with some and also no success with others....

Sorry to sway from the point if I did.....

And Cilla, you said on that same post -two pages back that we all should start taking a look again at the micro and macro fibers and also how they get into us? I believe that is what you suggested. Either that. or our pores maybe. I agree with that too.

I think this think starts with pneumonia or for sure in the chest. Now, I certainly have no idea if that is even anywhere near close to being right, but that is just me.

What is the strangest thing to me is how now, looking back on this the 6 months before I got the full-blown Morgs,is how the symptoms of the worms were there already. I.E., I had the skinny wire (like fishing line) type in my bicep ms. 4 months before the full blown episode. Also Breast had began to get major problems with huge masses that actually protruded out from breast itself. (I had 4 sonograms in one day and they still could not tell me what is wrong). Then the frizzy hair from Hell syndrome started. Then my first eye-infection.....blah, blah,,,,

but, my point is,,,,what happened that day to make it go full blown.???

something triggured it! There was no way in hell that both myself and my fiance' could wake up with huge swollen feet and ankles to find red octopus looking things on the carpet and objects on the bath mirror and a puddle of red liquid to be on the tile kitchen floor. (it looked like blood> very thin blood) He (fiance" said he thought I had burst a red-ink pen) but I had not. Just weirdness. Then the carpet had the swirls in it....trippy! and they also had the splits about a yard long in them at different areas. The splits almost looked like a big piece of furniture was pulling it, making it split....> again, that was not the case!

Then,,,,the white feathers everywhere......even one huge one under my car! But, yes, I know...down comforters and pillows......okay, remedy- I removed all of that down stuff from my home. So guess what happened next?????
I'd wake up to find shreds of toilet paper and or kitchen napkins scattered all over the place! I kid you not.

Then, I found a Cocoon in my closet. I did. Okay, now I really do sound crazy and what can I say.....oh, I know what I can say.....hehehe I have the damn photos to prove it!

Gotta Jet-

Thanks Cilla-

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Postby Skytroll » Thu Jul 20, 2006 5:00 pm


Where did the first hormone replacement medicine come from?

urine of donkeys, mules, etc.

What was used in musk oil?

urine of elephants.

You can see the program.

Women have two x chromosomes, one is recessive.

How to activate it would be quite a challenge wouldn't it?

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Postby Skytroll » Thu Jul 20, 2006 5:02 pm

Just to get ya all thinking.

But, history of medicine would be first, or should I say history of biological weapons, or gene modification, or Mendelian genetics, or Darwin himself.

Ironic that he died of Chagas disease, isn't it?

Even he couldn't stop the species transfers.

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Postby London » Thu Jul 20, 2006 5:05 pm


That confused the hell out of me. So, I won't even ask! LOL
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