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The Fiber Disease

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Postby Cilla » Wed Apr 19, 2006 6:22 pm

Hi Southcity,

I agree that, after the first accidental release, (if this is what happened), others most certainly have been 'nurturing' or 'propagating' this, for their own reasons, not, I think for financial revenue per se.

It's funny how I felt led to say something about your 'gut feeling' when you were simultaneously using the same phrase. Yes, trust it.

Insofar as your portrayal of the disinformation specialists goes, I would agree with a lot of it, but would say that not everyone who posts long messages of the type you mention is necessarily one of them. This is often the kind of behaviour of a person who is desperate and harassed out of their box.

I have, through life, met some very shady characters. If they are academically bright and successful too, then they are as subtle and fly as anything.

Their way is altogether much more devious.

They will rarely, if ever, lose the rag or accuse anyone of anything. If they do, you know you have scored a bull's eye. If they do, and they are clever, it is because they are terrified, and cannot unring the bell.

These of course are generalisms.

They will also appear slightly uninterested and gently sceptical about something they know full well is the truth.

Not that I think that there is anyone of this hue posting on this site. Or, even if I did think this in the future, I would not be so stupid as to say. If such an individual did appear, I would leave them unsure, and observe the unravelling.

To Everyone.

I most certainly do not think that doctors are, in the main, involved in any subterfuge or cover up.

However, if any of them give 'advice' on laboratory accidents, they will know how common or not such occurrences may be.

And again I ask. To whom does the legislation, (not a non-Statutory 'Charter'), state that any breaches must be reported?

Who permits a given licence to be accorded to a specific laboratory? They are not all permitted to work with cloned micro-organisms of this nature.

Who made the original mix, bought or brought in culture? I am sure that Tam tam said this, and that it could be used by a variety of purchasers for varied purposes.

It must have a name and a number, and there must be regulations surrounding its use, sale and purchase.

And again, I ask. Why were rodents mentioned?
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Postby carriescamp » Wed Apr 19, 2006 6:47 pm

London...what's up? Are you and others seeing my posts? Am I being ignored or missed, ignored, outcasted or what?

Cillia...I've asked you a couple questions I'd sure appreciate it if you could go back the last page or so and read my post. I'd like to see if you have this disease and your out look as to the process of it.

Thanks, Carrie
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Postby Poison » Wed Apr 19, 2006 7:22 pm

Things look better now. Please do not let an arguement start again. Everyone can disagree with each other, but no swearing please.
Thank you all.


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Postby Cilla » Wed Apr 19, 2006 7:28 pm

Hi Carriescamp,

Sorry about the delay.

You said:

' said this:
"Some hyphae can change their colours and shapes. Yet, I do not think that anyone has ever said that their demise can only ever be effected by cholinergic blockade. A creature needs to have neuro-muscular junctions along its body for that to be the type of chemical required!"


My answer: This is how the drugs against the class insecta work, usually either against the acetylcholine, or the GABA.


My answer: I do not understand. Are you saying that they can only be seen under a microscope? Even if you are, I think your conclusion is a non-sequitur. There is a whole world of fungi out there.


My answer: I did not say anything about fibers changing colour due to external influence, and I do not know if they can. Hyphae are not extremely micro.

If you read the posts between John and myself, you will see that I clearly highlight the 'undulating cobra', which must have sensory awareness to behave in this way, and to be killed by the aforementioned drug types.

I also mentioned the nematode busy spinning cocoons, which would seem to be from clothing fibers, (but maybe not only). It's not normal to have cocoon spinning nematodes living on your scalp anyway.

I repeatedly asked a question. The scientist only asked me the once. I have no real idea what his tentative hypothesis may have been. I remember saying any positive results would be of immense clinical significance, (the initial impression I was given). Eventually I got a very cheeky reply, with a 'thank you very much'. I stopped asking. The scientist seemed annoyed, and there we have it. I am sure he said something along the lines of not to pester people, and if they wanted to hold on to things, or to keep them, (maybe to themselves?), that was their right.

I do not know what you mean by reply nos or other technical stuff.

There is no way that this condition is the same one that existed centuries ago.

I never said that Lyme disease was the cause of the fibers.

I think that it would be wrong only to focus on what you can see. The cyanobacteria and protozoa, as described by Tam tam are crucial elements.

Whenever a scientist has an intuitive understanding of something, always take this very seriously. Tam tam had one about the protozoa and MRSA, which his intuition told him was linked to this target. I think that this means the bacteria are actually going inside the protozoa, and using it as a gymnasium. After doing a series of 'aerobics' they emerge much stronger than before. Therefore, absent treatment, there would be a chance of the bacteria involved getting stronger, if I have understood Tam tam correctly.

I hope that this answers your questions. I am not a scientist, but I really think I could have made a lot of headway with John's expertise. This headway is for you who have this problem.

Stop allowing the site to be used for insults, and then hoping that you can negotiate a different way of communicating with those who have walked away. I can't speak for John, beg your pardon, but, believe me, the other ones who have walked are not coming back.
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Postby befour » Wed Apr 19, 2006 7:35 pm

Thank you Southcity......for opening my eyes to the "not so obvious" ways we can be manipulated. I understand now and agree completely with your also answers a lot of questions that have been in the back of my mind from the beginning.

You know, we are all so desperate for any kind of new information... that we have a tendency to grab onto seemingly hopeful news, without considering the source. Sometimes it's hard to be objective, when we feel that we are just barely holding on by our fingernails......and searching almost hungrily for some kind of hope for our future. Thank you for pointing this out, and I will consider the source, from now on.

Thank you for all of your work and for sharing the information with us. I am in debt to you and TamTam, more than you will ever know, for helping me with lifesaving information, when I was very ill. TamTam's kindness to me will always be so appreciated and never forgotten!!

Remember that there are a lot of us reading these forums, that don't normally post, who support TamTam's work and yours as well, and have placed our trust and faith in you. Don't let the "way over the top" personal attacks by a few,.... with their own agendas.....discourage you or TamTam. I am only one, of many, who is so thankful to the both of you!!

My best regards,

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Postby Cilla » Wed Apr 19, 2006 7:44 pm

Hi again Carriescamp,

I was not ignoring you, you seem perfectly charming and extremely good mannered, like all of the other Americans I've ever met.

This is why I like Americans so much, but you are really, really different.

Don't get me wrong, I think it is really funny, but if a 'stuffed shirt' consultant ever does appear here, and any of you refer to him by his surname, as though he is the butler or the help, he will have apoplexy.

Also, it is simply 'not done' to ask a person from the UK if they have a medical condition in public, particularly if they are adopting the 'helping role'. If any of you were to ask a person like that this question, well I just don't know what they would say. Your attitude is really refreshing, but I don't know how far you might go. E.g., if he asked further questions about your bowel motions, would you then ask him about his?

I've said before that I don't, I am here to help. May God help you, especially if the scientists and medics don't help me, because I am not an expert. However, any opinions I give are not made up, but researched from the literature, or gleaned from professionals in the know.
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Postby Cilla » Wed Apr 19, 2006 7:49 pm

Hi Befour,

I think that you are very wise indeed.

Sky called you 'motherly' once, and I really believe that some of the younger people here need your counsel and advice at times.
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Postby Cilla » Wed Apr 19, 2006 7:51 pm

Hi Randy,

Thank you for your reply. I will keep you and your mother in my thoughts, and please try not to worry too much, although I know this is very hard.

With best wishes.
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Postby Skytroll » Wed Apr 19, 2006 7:59 pm

Cilla wrote:Hi Lynne,

Have you considered the likely or possible hazards, yet, Sky?

Believe me, you need all of the doctors and scientists on this site that you can get.

yes, Cilla I have considered the hazards, but, do you know of those who would back us? And if you do, then please inform us. This would be the only way we could further this.

We need to identify unfounded fear and real fear.

If we have the backing of 1000s and I mean 1000's with scientific evidence, evidence, the key, and who are scientists and doctors, please please bring them here. In fact they may bring us order in our own thinking.

My theories, the 6 mentioned, very consistently, can these be discussed and ruled out by these scientists?

I appreciate the concern for our behavior on here, sometimes it is opinion, but, I want facts, proof, experiments, that we cannot do, because for one thing, most of us do not have the equipment, or money to even buy blue light microscopes.

Now, are these folks that can help us of the whole body approach?

If so can you direct me to some of them? If not, can I be directed to others or please have them come on here.

Mr. Kern, has set us looking into observations more clearly, which will lead us to definite theories. The ones I put out are not opinion, I do have some observations, experimentally proven by observation and can be done again, and are released in documents. Now, I am not out to get anyone, I would like the experts to tell us if we can deduct conclusion on each theory and rule them out, one by one.

We can start with the Genetically altered bacteria, say BT. There are studies out there where some doctors are questioning this.

Bt has been used for years, now is it a suspect? possibly, if not let us rule it out.

Can this be done, Mr. Kern, by, and I am not sure what form of procedure this would take, but, would this work by process of elimination?

I understand the scientific theory to a point, but, then, by going theory first, by way of elimination work? A deductive approach?

I believe someone mentioned this before.

Please advise,

Also, I agree Cilla we need all the doctors and scientists here on this Human Biology thread. Thank you for that. I most certainly would like to discuss approaches with them. I may be so far off the mark, I need someone to teach me. I am teachable. I am offering an apple, please do come on this forum and teach us, I think that is what we need more than anything. Thank you for reading our sometimes misquided approaches, but, sometimes it is so flustering, to spin wheels, because we have no idea on how to get out of the mud. I know it is out of chaos, we shall find order, we are asking you specialists, scientists and doctors to help us out of the chaos.

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Postby carriescamp » Wed Apr 19, 2006 11:37 pm

First let me say I didn't intend to come across as pushy. I just didn't want you to miss my little post because I was interested in what you had to say regarding the hyphe. (I had originally added Cillia's whole post that was directed to me quoted here but some how lost it, don't know how to work the posting too well here.)

The last paragraph wasn't for me right, because I've not insulted anyone. I walked in to something and tried to catch him before he walked away with out taking the time to read all of the posts.

In the post that I read from you it came across as you said that hyphe can change colors. And I've never ran across a macroscopic hyphe. If you have a link to that perhaps I can learn something. If you view fungus under a scope you may see the hyphe. If you view fungus with out a is my understanding you will not see hyphe.

I didn't read conversations between John and yourself and have never heard that term "undulating cobra." If you have something that I am interested in learning perhaps I may take the time to go back and read your posts. Please know I say that with out a disrespecting tone.

I've never read of a spinning fiber nematode that infects humans. I'm not sure what that's about or where that came from of if it was directly for me. I don't think I have any nematodes living on my scalp.

I'm not sure exactly what this is regarding, "I do not know what you mean by reply nos or other technical stuff."

I would sure like to know why you feel like this condition is something that didn't exist centuries ago. I think you are very wrong. That condition was never labeled, don't you think it could still possibly exist? The Doctors at that time were certain that it wasn't known of before their time and that it would be a concern in the future. One thing for sure, they were quite certain that there was something going on for the people that they couldn't label. Just like today!!! We can't find one person that really has a clue about what our disease is...except crazy which it certainly is not. The doctors of that time are still referenced too this very day. As a matter of fact, my daughter has yet another, idiopathic disease that was first described by one of the doctors that was referenced to having spoke of this disease in the original writings. So I feel safe to say that the doctors of that day's knowledge is respected by today's medical professionals.

Again, I'm not sure what you are saying, what question, who you were talking to and what you were talking about. "I repeatedly asked a question. The scientist only asked me the once. I have no real idea what his tentative hypothesis may have been. I remember saying any positive results would be of immense clinical significance, (the initial impression I was given). Eventually I got a very cheeky reply, with a 'thank you very much'. I stopped asking. The scientist seemed annoyed, and there we have it. I am sure he said something along the lines of not to pester people, and if they wanted to hold on to things, or to keep them, (maybe to themselves?), that was their right."

I didn't make the fiber, Lyme disease connection in reference to you. I know that there are many people may feel that connection. I was just saying due to the micro size of Lyme and the macro sizes of our fibers I didn't think it was Lyme related.

Are you a scientist? I thought people were here to discuss their disease. I didn't realize it was so personal for some so excuse my ignorance. However, I have no fear or shame when discussing this disease and what it has done to my body. Especially when sharing it with people of like conditions. People who are like myself trying to find a possible etiological agent to get it over with. I have a very sick son, this disease is killing excuse me if you don't approve of my etiquette. That's the way it is. I don't follow or agree with all. If he is a scientist, this is the first time I have heard that. I have the up most respect for the man because he is doing the same thing that I am doing...trying to get to the end of the road. I do not feel the things that you have mentioned regarding Tam-Tam play a roll with my disease. Perhaps co-infections, but bottom line, doubt it. I will take seriously some one that has proved their theories. If not in a lab then by documented scientific literature. I beg your pardon, I wont be told something and just expected to believe it is true...just like my doctors that told me I didn't have parasites on or in my body.

You are not a scientist and you do not suffer from are you here to help? If you don't mind, how did you become interested in the subject and how do you feel like you will help? Again, no disrespect intended, I'm just tying to understand. Are you a doctor, professor, have an infected loved one or just interested? I just feel like it would be very difficult to understand us if you were not one of the above referenced. Is John a scientist, doctor, professor, infected or interested party? Or am I being too personal again? Do you feel he left because he was insulted? From what I read of the man he it did appear he had some intelligible things to say. That is why I really wanted to talk to him. Whether he has anything to do with the blog spot or not.

"This is why I like Americans so much, but you are really, really different." Are you referring to me specifically or Americans are very different in general? Stuffed shirt, surnames and butlers, not really sure what you are talking about. I didn't recognize there is a particular form or fashion on this forum. If I was offending to him, you or anyone, please accept my apologies as that was not my intentions. If Mr. Kern didn't appreciate the way I approached him then so be it, I don't feel I came across as disrespectful. I extend my apologies again, I have no face to save. And again...I have no shame when it comes to this disease. Bowel movements, menstruations, pickin' you nose and eating the boogers, I don't see what the big deal is...really.

Well, we do have something in common through all of this. I don't just say anything either. If I tell you something you can believe I've done my homework on it. So please lead me to where you've ever read that there is a human infecting fungus with visible hyphe. I'm very interested in reading about it because through all my research and as hard as I tried, I've never ran across such a thing.

"I've said before that I don't, I am here to help. May God help you, especially if the scientists and medics don't help me, because I am not an expert." If you are here to help and are not a victim of this disease then thank you. Either way thank you so much. But an extra tip of the hat or double curtsy for taking the time to help people when it is of no benefit to you. Perhaps I'm a bit ignorant to the purpose of this forum. Where does all the manufactured organisms play into my disease? Thank you all for your time. Carrie
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Postby London » Thu Apr 20, 2006 12:05 am

Hey Carrie gurl!!!!!

Sorry, I was not online when you posted here earlier today....had 25 non-english speaking Kinders.

Carrie, I'm quite sure Cilla was not talking/ referring to you; but to me! Yeah, it seems as if she can't let it drop.....her and someone else.
And I have apologized to both of them and will not do so again.

But you hit the nail on the head with your observation Carrie of "Personal
Stuff" Why Carrie, did you not know tht we had a ton of Doctors and Scientist knocking down our doors before I 'supposedly ran the blogger

off- you know, the one that was responsible for making fun of US, the ones that DO HAVE THIS HORRIBLE DISEASE!!! and Carriegurl they do not have this disease. They have both said so themselves.

Hey Lynn, what’s your problem? I apologized if it offended anyone and have conversed

with Admin. Too. They gave me the nod to post….Now back off. Period.

If someone runs me off from this forum, I can assure you- it won‘t be


Hey did you know that there is also another person that is a peeps here

On this board that is named Lynn too? Hmm., yep she’s an agent for

Some University.


To the rest:

Now I think you will find this article “HOT “ plus the following ones as well.

TIME here b/c I did happen to find it by googling some words….Hmmm

Anyway, here it is and here they are……

GM organisms/ Bt/ Baculoviruses….ect

:Insects implicated in the evolution of new human infectious diseases ... wsid=15494



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why am I reminded of a wrestling tag team?

Postby FiberSymptoms » Thu Apr 20, 2006 12:11 am

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