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The Fiber Disease

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Postby yyz » Mon Feb 06, 2006 6:00 pm

RANDY wrote:i apologize for jumping in like this, but THIS IS NOT RANDY, just a TS friend in NOVA who's been watching this painful deception being carried out by TamTam at the expense of all you desperately ill people. This "genius" you all praise is a 20-year-old LT devotee with dreadlocks and 'roller" eyes whose syntax is so silly that those of us in the compartment community have to laugh at the effort to appear mysterious and, it's replete with inversions that don't exist in any language, but is common to both role-play games and the subset of modern literature striving to be arcane. If Tam--DANIEL--were in fact your friend and champion, he would have articulated his information in an accessible and far less precious fashion...Now this caution is addressed to you, Tam-Daniel-C3 and those others posting under alternate noms de guerre but whose writing, insofar as it evidences the same stylistic artifice and jejeune contrivances, indicates WORKING IN CONCERT--here's your warning little boy: Neuk niet met me. The FEDORA IS POISED TO TURN TO INQUISITORS CAP BY THOSE BETTER EQUIPPED TO WIN THIS GAME, nota bene, you second-rate DM. I, for one, am not fooled. Les jeux sont faits. Be careful who you entice into your sandbox, Pied Piper. Amid those who follow out of desperation lurks a viper, pret a t'attraper. Je moet mij niet dissen. :twisted:

To Randy's friend who doesn't have an account of their own to play with:

Can you prove what you wrote? Because if you can't, it is just your opinion. Do you have an opinion as to what this disease is? A scientific opinion?

So you did a search on someone's name and came up with some related computer links/terms and now you somehow have proof as to their identity? As if there is only one Daniel in the world? Wow.

Well, we all have to make up our own minds. But for those of us who can equate a picture with what we see in their own skin, that burden is perhaps easier. For some however, pictures and other evidence right before our own eyes only tend to complicate matters. This forum and most doctor appointments are a good example of that. Well, maybe Tam is a fraud, but no one I am aware of has actually dis-proven him. No scientists anyway.


walls.kayla.0003 wrote:waz up all how r u all doing

This is brilliant... A future scientist?... Wow again.


The other day you asked me where I have been. Well, I have been working on a very important project. I have been out in the garage watching paint on boards dry. I will keep you all posted how it turns out.

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Postby Skytroll » Mon Feb 06, 2006 6:39 pm


We have to look for cause. Many have been working on this for years. How can you treat something if you cannot identify it?

That is what we are all looking for.

So, please look at bacteriophages......flagellum

two things going on here. First you have many highly intelligent people pushing for proving that evolution exists by one thing. Proving that flagellum evolved.

The other thing is that biosensors are looking for and registering what the synthesis of natural bacterias, enzymes in microbial use by the EPA.

This is deeper than the fluke. It can be part of it.
There are many different pathogens. Not just one.
So it is a process. That is what we are all looking for and how it is done. Then it can be tested.

We have no tests. But, we believe it is being withheld from us. There are many who know exactly what this is.

Try and find a test for flukes from you doctor if that is what you think it is.

Not all of us will have this recombination of genes
of bacterias that are being transferred to us.

If the bactriophage is not present, then the bacteria cannot be transferred to us, by fly, worm, or whatever.

Once we find the bacteriophages, the microbes or whatever transfers this, then we will know more.

Many universities, govt agencies know this. Some are working on it. Biosensors will tell us where these particles are, so, is a way to monitor it.

EPA is now testing for damages done to us from aerosol operations (chemtrails) after more than 5 years of this operation, under guise of weather modification.

This is big Carrie, it cannot and will not be admitted by doctors, because it is related to microbes.

Your input is so beneficial, and I know you are looking for a quick fix,, but, it doesn't work that way.

If you think you have parasites then get your children and yourself to a doctor who tests for parasites.

We all have been told we are delusional. We know that, but, do not diss what CLiff M. has said, he has been at this for a long time and listen, LISTEN to what he has found and follow it. See where he is going with this.

An unidentified microbe. A large one, is under the callus. Follow the flagellum. E-coli has flagellum, which looks like a fiber, looks like a worm, but is not a fluke. The fluke may be involved, but, it is not what is instigating Morgellons.

So, please if you want answers, help us find them.
We are doing the best we can. We need scientists,
universities, and the medical community to look at this. They have the equipment, the microscopes,
the intelligence to tell us what this is, but, we need them to do it. We are told we are not sick, we are not suffering from parasites, but, do they test us for this? They do not want to, and will not.

We have been over the worm theories. So, join in helping find this.

For instance look at this.... ... nPhage.htm

This will give you info on a deeper level than the fluke.

We do know about the Phorid fly, and it's genetic modification, we know about the bacterias, we know about the worms, but, if genetic modification has taken place to continue the misguided scenario that we come from the amoeba, which does not have a flagella to one that does. Herein, lies what we need to look at. The flagella, whether real or synthetic, as a motor, the nano tech is there to do this, is what we need to look at.

More than one agency is involved in this transformation. Electron transfer gets into physics.

The human body has ion channels, molecular level,
this is where I go with this. And, there are people trying to fix this on a global scale, then there are those in the labs experimenting with every gene possible.

So, there are many different infections from different modified bacterias, insects, worms.

If DNA test can be done, then we can find the culprit.

Hope I haven't dissed anyone, but, we are all looking. Educating ourselves, the best way we can.

See Leighanns "Let's Plan" and join us in making this public. This is the only way we are going to get attention by the medical community. There has to be an outcry.

Register with Morgellons.

Send letters to congress, senate etc.

Contact Michael Moore.

We have to be activists, that is what you are for your children.

If this was simple, it would have been found long time ago. It is not simple.

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Postby carriescamp » Mon Feb 06, 2006 7:04 pm

I have been registered at Morgellons...Can anyone hook me up with a link to Schwartz?
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Postby Skytroll » Mon Feb 06, 2006 7:07 pm


Glasgow may have some good coming out of it.

also Alzheimers.......some connect to bacteria.

could the tangles be the flagellum?

Has to do with proteins, bacteria, bacteriophages,
and flagellum.

But, this is only one........

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King Cobra
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Postby Skytroll » Mon Feb 06, 2006 7:16 pm

Thank you Cilla, well put.

We have established some well though out and microscopial evidence, here. Along with observations from Cliff M.

We need to follow the trail, set, so far.

We can't keep going backwards and around the bush. Let's be direct and forward thinking.

thank you again all for what you observe, and for what we have so far.

Thank you Tam Tam, south, cilla, uk guy(please see Glasgow stuff on previous post), yyz, and Cliff M
and Dr. Swartz and everyone else.

Let's keep the trail going. London and Randy, join us in keeping the trail going. You input is important.

Love you all,

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King Cobra
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Postby RANDY » Mon Feb 06, 2006 7:27 pm

Another scientist read his post on the below subject.

The article was interesting, and I verified independently that

Prototheca wickerhamii and related species are known to cause

infections. (This is far from my area of expertise.) But the notes

that followed were ridiculous. They are from someone who is trying out

ideas for a science fiction novel on you. They are also unrelated to

the article, all of which makes me think that the author may be nuts.

I hope that's helpful.

Best wishes,
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Postby RANDY » Mon Feb 06, 2006 7:36 pm

Just a note: As many can see I have a bit fo a Dyslexic problem so please ignore the backwards typing. Even if I think I proofed it, it ends up that way.

During the End Times, Good will battle Evil. Where do you stand?
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King Cobra
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Postby carriescamp » Mon Feb 06, 2006 8:56 pm

I hope that wasn't you over there London...I'm not trying to be wishy washy...I've gotta be where I understand what's going on!

I appreciate your reply London...however I do agree with you about the government and their wrongful brain doesn't understand a whole lot on your level...I couldn't even begin to understand all that's way too big for my brain! Sorry.
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Postby Cilla » Mon Feb 06, 2006 9:01 pm

Hi all,

I am very sorry that I used the term 'complacency', (in one sense), but, on looking over the post concerned, perhaps it might be seen as good because it highlighted an issue.

Let me say immediately that I most definitely did not mean that any of you are complacent about this terrible disease, or about going to see the relevant medical doctors about it, in the hope of receiving the best treatment available.

What I did say is that there is perhaps a complacency with regards to attempting to understand fully everything Tam tam has said. I do not necessarily mean the scientific theories per se (I doubt if I, for one, would be capable of understanding these, although there are others on this site who are very able, thank goodness).

What I meant, and apologise if this was unclear, is that there is a complacency in undertaking a textual analysis of what he has said, particularly by those scientists who have debunked his theories because 'there is no such thing as a stem cell related microorganism'.

This debunking was enacted because microorganisms are unicellular, so therefore, by definition, cannot be stem cell related, at least not in any adjectival sense.

What I said, by way of a textual analysis, was that it should have been considered that the term 'stem cell related' was perhaps not intended by Tam tam as an adjective of the microorganism, but as a description of what this microorganism might have a relationship with or to.

The scientist said that stem cells are to be found in multicellular organisms, such as us, which led me to suggest that the next question posed by anyone undertaking a textual analysis of the specific Tam tam post in question is, could this be precisely what was meant in the very first place?

Did Tam tam mean that the genetically modified, quorum seeking microorganism, had a relationship with, or towards, the stem cells of the sufferer?

Did he indicate this in other posts, with respect to the hair follicles, the putative seat of the infection?

Do other writers, including scientists, and medical doctors, corroborate that the infection seems to begin, and perpetuate within, and extend from the sufferer's hair follicles?

I suggested that, if the answers to the preceding questions are in the affirmative, and, if they correspond with your own experiences, then it would seem possible that this is the sense in which Tam tam used the term 'stem cell related'.

People need a cohesive, logical theory before they approach any professional with this.

I was thinking of UK Guy principally, because of his communication with the renowned microbiologist.

Do you realise that this could save you all from this disease?

I thought it might help if I could try to set out the ideas expounded by Tam tam, and which were debunked by the scientist, by undertaking a textual analysis, and then seeing if (by simply not considering something as an adjective) his theory emerged as logical, valid and consistent with the theories of other experts in the area, and with the pathophysiology observed (and felt) in this condition.

NB, it is utterly ridiculous that you, as patients, are having to do all of this research largely on your own. However, if UK Guy is having the opportunity to speak, we must ensure that he receives every assistance in this endeavour.

Therefore, we must try to make the main points very clear, and, if we are unsure of what Tam tam has proposed, we must subject the relevant posts to the same level of scrutiny that I have. E.g.:

1. consider if something is really meant to be, e.g., an adjective.

2. would changing that, (thinking of it not being an adjective) enhance the scientific validity of the statement?

3. does any such change (thinking of it not being an adjective) tie in directly with what the author has stated in other posts? In this case, has he focussed on the hair follicles, as being in themselves, stem cell related in these posts?

4. does any such change (thinking of it not being an adjective) tie in with the writings of other scientists or medical professionals on this topic? Do they make mention of the central role of the hair follicles in this condition?

5. does any such change, (thinking of it not being an adjective) tie in with the pathophysiology of the condition in question, as observed, and as experienced by sufferers?

I would suggest, if a given post was very unclear before, but if it assumes greater clarity, and passes all of the 'tests' above, you are on the right track. Naturally, any such 'translation' must be passed by Tam tam himself, particularly if you cannot find another post in which the term in question, 'stem cell related' in this instance, is used to describe what is indeed part of a multicellular organism, viz hair follicles.

In order to understand Tam tam's points, I think that it is necessary to read, and really think about, all of his posts. The possible medical conditions that might be sequlae, directly or indirectly, of this infection must be understood.

If there is any corroboration with medical science or experience, this must be highlighted. Priorities must be set, so that the microbiologist sees immediately what you mean, Uk Guy. I think that he will see it, but, as you say, a lot depends on the initial presentation, and first impressions.

I would also emphasise the fact that Dr Schwartz has said that the bacterial microorganism he has cultured, (and treated, as part of his protocol), may be genetically modified. He has also attested to there being a parasitical (? arthropod) and a ?helminthic element to this infection. This would be enough, on its own, to warrant investigation and treatment protocols being instituted at the highest levels. The fact that this great doctor has mentioned the problems encountered by some individuals with their eyesight makes matters really more urgent.

Remember, Uk Guy would not have got as far as he has, were it not for Tam tam's writings.
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Postby carriescamp » Mon Feb 06, 2006 10:05 pm

Thanks London...I'll be tied up with my kids for the rest of the afternoon but will be back this evening...I've got a couple things I'd like to bring up here Have a great afternoon...I'm working on it, it's hard sometimes though!

Randy, I just heard you've spoken with Schwartz, do you mind if I ask what you think of him? Any one else's opinion would be good too. Thanks again.
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Postby carriescamp » Mon Feb 06, 2006 10:41 pm

I'm trying to get in touch with it possible? Who was slamming him? I've always heard his name but haven't been able to find anything he's written regarding this disease...can you lead me there...anyone?
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