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Endosymbiotic hypothesis

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Endosymbiotic hypothesis

Postby livinpeace » Tue Jan 31, 2006 2:32 am

Anyone know what endosymbiotic hypothesis is?

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Postby AstusAleator » Tue Jan 31, 2006 2:58 am

Good lord, what is with all these textbook questions? Forgive me if this is just a random inquiry, and you're not a student with a textbook.
I suggest you google "endosymbiotic hypothesis" since published data will probably be more complete and accurate than anything us posters can pull out of our... heads.

It's a hypothesis that organelles such as mitochondria, cilia, the spindle, and chloroplasts evolved from symbiotic relationships between parent cells and symbiotic smaller cells. Take the relationship between algae and coral for example, they are still two seperate organisms, living symbiotically. The hypothesis is that relationships like that, eventually evolved into cells containing both the host and the former symbiont, as a single organism.
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Postby Dr.Stein » Tue Jan 31, 2006 6:30 am

Read HERE please ;)

This is an example of the Endosymbiotic Theory:
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Postby ilovelepidoptera » Wed Mar 08, 2006 11:25 pm

I had to do an essay on this last year for uni. Its a theory which attempts to explain how eukaryotic cells evolved. It suggests that mitochondria etc were actually cells in their own right which were taken up by other prokaryotic cells for both cells benefit.

PS: read Richard Dawkins 'The Blind Watchmaker'. Theres a really good explanation in it!
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