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"Morgellons", some observations, thoughts, experie

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"Morgellons", some observations, thoughts, experie

Postby Been there » Fri Jan 27, 2006 7:44 pm

First I would like to mention Dr. W. John Martin's, PhD, thoughts on the aeither, stealth viruses, ACE pigments, etc. All is plausible, I have worked with him and activated what he calls ACE pigments, they are what glow under a Woods lamp or a common Disco type Black light lamp. I have activated them using unconventional methods, some Dr. Martin's, some mine. I question if it is a safe procedure since one day I captured fifty insects that appeared sick, flying erratically, etc. In all fifty, not very scientific admittedly, if mashed between two microscope slides, they all had spots that glowed the characteristic wavelength of "Ace" pigments under Black Light. The sicker the insect, the more involvement.
I also have noted more times than I care to remember that when they are considered too sick to be a vector, the organism controls them, drives them to attack me unfortunately. Their is a pattern in the contamination of the insects, very visible in larger ones like Beetles. The filaments take a particular course. When an flying insect attacks, a flagella enters my flesh, it is a rapid event, the insect hits me hard, the flagella enters my flesh, usually in a hair follicle, then the process, which takes less than thirty seconds is to the insect like the torture where a nylon filament is used, the victim forced to swallow it, then it is pulled slowly cutting through the intestines, bowels, etc. The filament enters my flesh, ripping the insect apart, sometimes, the whole insect is pulled in, other times just portions. I have witnessed small flies last instar stage, beetle like, I forget the name, they can jump, have no wings, enter my flesh, solid black,they just appear to melt in as if a chemical is melting my flesh. They are easily scratched out, they go in black, come out white but intact. The last time one bit me I was talking to Deborah at the NPA, holding one between my thumb and forefinger. I noticed it was attempting to enter me, moved it over, it went in. I could see nothing, no visible entry point, smooth flesh. However, I photographed it for two days, using black light before the fluorescence disappeared. It was very interesting, it never did cause me problems to my knowledge. I seem to be targeted by infested insects. Some go for my eyes. Horse flies started attacking me in 1998 or so. I learned to strike them with my fist, killing them. Jumping spiders attack me if I get within range. I have had large black jumping spiders drag in large fly larvae, a wasp abdomen, twice I have been poisoned, once was the wasp abdomen, the first I do not know, however, I apparently was bitten at approximately 10:00 P.M. by a spider. I started feeling very badly as the night wore on, I laid down on the bed at 6:00 A.M., across the foot of the bed, told my wife I had been bitten by a black widow or something. About that time, a spider jumped from a ceiling fan hit my leg, I had shorts on, then jumped off. I slowly got worse, became delirious, my wife would ask if I wanted to go to the hospital and I would just laugh. I passed out eventually, awoke at 1:00 P.M. feeling fine.
When these insects are driven to attack, if they don't manage to strike the victim, I have witnessed them "explode" in mid air. A balled loosely filament will float down, the insect drops. You have to be careful, the filament is capable of seeking you out as it drops.
Anytime a flying insect lands one me, I can always, upon investigation, find either a black speck or a filament. If I am struck in the area of my eye I used to spend many minutes using hydrogen Peroxide or alcohol on a paper towel, rubbing until I got a black speck. Sometimes it would take as much as an hour, I would know I had found the source because the pain subsided. I now have found eye drops, specifically Acular relieves the discomfort immediately. I am positive but have no photographic evidence that the black specks, as they get larger, develop a flagella, On many an occasion I
have rubbed one between my fingers until it became a filament.
I spent 30 days, little sleep in May of 2000 studying this phenomena. I noticed as time wore on that I was being struck continually by what felt like a miniature sand storm. I became very ill in the middle of June, developed vertigo so bad I could do nothing but lay flat on my back. I then noticed I was becoming numb, it started at my left middle toe, ran up my left leg, up my back to my neck then down to my right toes. My toes started curling up, lifeless, stiffening. I gave up, then one day, I drank some alcohol, well a lot. I found I could walk, the numbness receded as it had started. I went to a Doctor, a Psychiatrist friend who is from my home town , Evansville. He believed me, still does, has put in writing that I am sane, that I have a condition that needs to be investigated. He took it upon himself to manage my medications. I am on 8 MG Adderall, 12 MG Klonapin, 12 other medications, we have discovered I have AADS, the Adderall allows me to stay focused. Also that I am dyslexic, I had been asking doctors for years why i couldn't tellmy right from my left. i never got an answer. Also I learned that what I considered dllusions were only illusions. Also that Klonopin is the only drug that will prevent head tremor.
Please understand, I have been exposed beyond any normal reasonable amount. In studying this, I have had to be. I watch, the black specks seemingly appear from nowhere, invisible to the eye. They are not fungal in nature, they are always found outside on the sun side of things like a 500 gallon propane tank. The other side is always covered with an algae.
I had a small insect land on my chest one day last year, he got entrapped in the hair. I removed him, made a video of his attacking a hot dog and dyeing. It was very hot, I was sweating profusely, my sweat dripped into the camera screen. I took it apart, found it difficult to clean, the next time I went to work on it, I found it had rusted badly. This organism is involved in creating rust. Recently I have seen requests for coatings that prevent organisms from causing rust. This was legitimate requests from NASA.
My wife refuses to believe any of this, has had severe, undetermined headaches for years. I get lesions, she gets moles. I have an opinion that my allergy to mold, documented, is why I develop lesions and she doesn't' As Gaiapacha said, it has a mold form. I have squeezed silver metallic liquid from my flesh. It appeared to be mercury but the next day, it was just a spot on a paper towel.
Everything here is dying, the trees have filaments wrapped around the limbs that as they grow, cuts the bark.
My worst infestation came form a rose bush thorn. I can't see it now, at one point it was a foot long scar down my left arm. Most of the rose bushes are dead. Seven of my dogs have died.
The last time I felt the "sandstorm was when I was examining my mother the day before she died. I had taken an otoscope with me to the hospital and was examining her closely. It felt like millions of very small objects were striking me. I told the Charge Nurse, this was the Intensive care unit, she had been operated on for a Tumor in her lower bowel. It was filamentary, red, blue and green. The physician said it was 99 percent sure it was cancer, the biopsy said benign. The next day after telling the charge nurse about the experience I had, everyone acted differently at the hospital. After My mother passed, I requested she be kept in the morgue until I could arrange for her to be taken to Mayo Clinic for autopsy. I received a call from the Administrator of the Hospital demanding I remove her immediately, also that I have her embalmed. Then the coroner phoned, very rude, also demanding I have her removed immediately and embalmed, stating if I didn't he would. He also threatened me, said I had allowed my mother to acquire lice. I received a call that the preacher she wanted was only available one day, I had to arrange for a Mortician to pick her up immediately to meet his schedule. The Mortician phoned me at 3:00 A.M. and said he could save me $600.00 by not embalming her. No Mortician passes up what is essentially gravy, embalming is a very profitable service. I finally decided fear was the motivation behind all these occurrences. The hospital had "killed" my mother by giving her an IV drip that she was allergic to. They feared I would sue, they had a very pretty, young woman talk to me, she wanted to go to a private room to talk, I told her we could talk in front of the family. She made the strangest accusation, she said and I quote, "You are approaching this scientifically aren't you!" I was under the impression the definition was Medical Science. I can't understand her comment!
Since then the same hospital , in my opinion, has tried to kill me twice. I was having a heart attack, they said I was insane, they waited until I said the pain had subsided to run an EKG. They had refused before, and refused when I said the pain was back. I was making such a scene a Heart surgeon heard it and came to investigate. From approximately 40 foot away, he looked at them, screamed, "I want an EKG on this man stat!" The hospital wasn't busy, three physicians were with me, they turned gray, white, red, ran a strip. By the time he covered the 40 feet, two inches or so had ran. He tore it off, looked at me and said, "You are having a heart attack, you are going to surgery immediately!" I had another heart attack two years later, I told my wife via IM, that I was very ill, she asked what was wrong, I said I'm having a f'n heart attack. She answered 27 minutes later asking if I felt better. I was on my way to the hospital by then. I was so upset I had went to bed, decided to die. Her ignoring my concern had a very negative effect on me.The pain was too severe, I called 911 after 10 minutes or so, I am so stubborn I would have died because she ignored me. I managed to walk 200 feet and meet the ambulance at the road. They started backing in my drive, thinking I was there to guide them. I ripped open both doors and fell on the gurney. They all said what are you doing?" I typically said I'm having a F'n heart attack.!". They were all business after that, they saved my life, the first attack was a 97 percent blockage of my right front coronary artery, this one was a 100 percent blockage of my left rear coronary artery. The surgeon who operated on me was very concerned, he told me three times I needed the stent put in two year previous to be replaced, that it was blocked. He also said he didn't do it due to the stress it would have caused me but that it needed to be done in six weeks. When I went for the corrective surgery, both of the original surgeons were no longer associated with the hospital. I ended up with a "surgeon" who had been teaching for 25 years. He spent a long time, finally decided he had found the place, needed a stent longer than he had, decided to put two in. This is not advised by the manufacturer, no tests have been done on humans for multiple medicated stent placement. He also was in my left rear artery, I still haven't convinced them that it is my right first stent he was supposed to replace. I know it is blocked because I could whistle when it was put in, I can't any more nor could I before. Anyhow, I have been told I cannot get proper medical care in this area by a very qualified source. I also have learned EKG's the ultrasound irritate the organisms. I believe my heart was damaged by a stress test a few years ago. Last week a technician proved I felt pain when the ultrasonic was on, that it wasn't pressure as claimed by all before. She admitted others were also susceptible to pain from the Ultrasound. She kept asking me if I felt this and that. I didn't even realize she was testing to see if it did hurt me until she was done. I then had her do an ultrasound on a place I had somewhat cured on my arm but had a lump. She determined it was an enlarged blood vessel. I am positive attacking this organism at the very least drives it into the blood stream.
Much of it in my surroundings are dehydrated. If I wash my hands, I notice cracks appear immediately. I have reverted to bathing in alcohol only. Also liberal use of Chloraseptic prevents spreading. In other words, I keep my infestation down to the original entry point. Before I started the above procedures, I have on occasion made a one MM lesion into a one centimeter lesion just by rubbing.
So, to summarize, do not trust any Medical Personal. Those that know aren't talking but are very fearful. I convinced my dermatologist to culture for a long period. My last visit, she flatly said "I will no longer treat you." Our family Doctor abruptly closed his Office, giving one month for patients to get their records.
Enough for one day. I assure you, I could go on for a month.
Please do not try any of the things I mention like drinking Alcohol as an example. I consume a liter a week of Everclear, 195 proof grain alcohol. I have tested 0.5 with no resultant hangover. I can't expalin that. My liver should be long gone by now. No two people are the same when it comes to this disease. It all depends on the amount and where the infestation is.
I will gladly discuss any aspect of what I have mentioned, either by E-mail or post. Also, if this isn't censored, I will continue as I have time. The bottom linne, I have reason to believe all are infested, everything is inffested.
This stuff grows in grain alcohol. Anything organic, inorganic, it does not seem to matter. It is attracted to electromagnetic and electrostatic fields for certain. Also infrared sources, near IR, far IR, it doesn't matter.
God Speed
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Postby playboy bunny » Fri Jan 27, 2006 10:10 pm

did you write enough?
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Postby pile » Sat Jan 28, 2006 2:15 am

I would like to talk to you about your experiences. I left you a p.m. Please check your messages.
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Postby Been there » Sat Jan 28, 2006 4:24 pm

Dear Pile,
I can find no message, please resend.
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Postby Been there » Sat Jan 28, 2006 5:36 pm

Dear playboy bunny,
I will write all I can about this until I die, be it by the hand of God or those that wish to shut me up.
Gaiapacha, Tam Tam, London, etc, are my heroes. It is they who are really putting themselves in danger.
The least I can do is provide life experiences that support their claims. I have spent six very bad years totally disregarding my own health in an attempt to save my wife of 42 years, three children, five grandchildren, what was 12 Kees (Keeshonden), two were champions, the rest rescues not deemed placeable, one is half wolf. There are five remaining, one is blind, one has spent half the past two weeks at the Vets, came very close to death. He is my dog, I would die to save him. We spent $2800.00 on one at Perdue University's Small Animal Hospital last year,we were promised two years of quality life, they reneged, changed it after the fact to at most six months. Goofy had one good day when we brought him home. After that, I had to carry him for approximately six months, day and night, any time he called. I was promised full medical records, they have failed to send them as of yet.
I read alcohol is not as good a disinfectant as water. I read a ten percent bleach solution is not the magic cure of all bacteria, etc., it is claimed to be. Dr. John Martin, PhD. has told me Chloraseptic is the best disinfectant I can use. I have to spray it in my nares, my ears, swallow it to survive. It works.
If you know you are affected by this disease, ignore the following, if not, spread a thick layer of Vaseline on your flesh, anywhere, the forearm is most convenient. Watch for bubbles, do not get close, watch through a piece of plastic if possible, this stuff can jump 2 meters. If you see bubbles then I wish you all the luck in the world for luck is all we have at this time.
My oldest son developed this the same time I did. He quit smoking, something he had claimed impossible, started using a breathing apparatus nightly after having a sleep study done. I noticed lately he has false skin growing on his nose where the mask rests.
I ask you this, if I can't save a dog, how can I save my family other than seeking and sharing information? I have made such a fuss I am being bombarded by chemicals on a routine basis. I would imagine a billion dollars has been spent on me alone, the aircrafts, surveillance, etc. It seems I am not supposed to leave my home. If I so much as turn over in bed, up to eight vehicles go by, this is a country Road. There was no traffic from 2: A.M. till 5:00 A.M. except for the newspaper delivery before this.
This is very serious threat to all, I have witnessed triangular shapes flying with purpose at a high rate of speed from everyone in a line at a Cafeteria. This was Easter Sunday 2005, they were heading for the heat lamps that were over all the food. MY entire family witnessed same after I pointed it out. In the dinning room, nothing was amiss. I have duplicated this using high intensity quartz lamps. Deborah at the NPA and I discussed artificial skin in 2000. I now know it is a fact. If I move it from the area of my ear, and put it on my finger, I see it immediately go in, leaving what appears to be cracked skin.
Again, I have written too much at one time. I need to practice staying on one subject at a time. It is hard when One has seen so much. I really wonder why the troops laid down their weapons in Iraq. Could it be they had been exposed to this. It has to be the most demoralizing scenario I can imagine.
God Speed,
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