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Morgellon's or ..........flies, or .......

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Morgellon's or ..........flies, or .......

Postby crazycrawlin' » Sun Dec 18, 2005 9:52 pm

All of a sudden, I started having the creepiest itching sensation, and I actually do see my hair move. I had recently completed a head lice check at a local school, so I thought ahh! no big deal. I did the usual Rid and Nix, but the hair continues to move, and yes I am ever itchy. I thought perhaps a mite infestation and went to see a dermatologist. You guessed it ...... delusional parisitosis.

I am a student with a very heavy case load (and this is affecting my grades!), so my home is not cleaned nearly as often as it should be. You could not only write your name on the furniture -- but probably your ancestry as well. I also have house plants --MANY, MANY (136 at last count) that have not received the care they should have during this stressful school session.

Suddenly I am seeing an ABUNDANCE of flies. I live in the rural Midwest, and it has been freezing for quite some time. How can I swat 20-40 flies a day?? My home is dusty, but dishes are not piled, and nothing is rotten , food is not left out.... is it possible the flies are from the plants? Is it possible that I do have a mite infestation from the plants??

Another note: though they really need watering at the moment, my mode of watering (for the ones I can carry or hang) is the bathtub, which leads me to believe that I may be infesting the very place I go to get clean.

I am now on Christmas break, and am about to mount a massive cleaning frenzy (as every break), but before I go stupid with cleaning products that are damaging to the skin and pets (especially the parrot), I thought I would ask for some advice.

Thank you! ANY advice would be helpful: whether you think I'm a fruit, or if I may/or may not be on to something.
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Postby Barz » Mon Dec 19, 2005 4:06 am

Hi CC: Sorry to hear about your situation!! Have you been to the Lymbusters site? Everyone there is sooo helpful. Please do not be turned off by some of the crazy symptoms you will read about. This is a horrible thing to have to deal with, especially with your hectic schedule. I do have some suggestions to begin with. GET RID OF YOUR PLANTS. Some people believe that collembola is a vector. They live in soil and mulch. Could be major culprit. As for flies. I understand. You must get rid of them. There is not much you can do about the dust. I would try to stay on top of it, though. It seems to me if I dust in a.m. by afternoon you could not even tell it was done. This is one of the hallmarks I have found. Again, I am sorry to hear about yet another person suffering from this bizarre syndrome. The people at lymebusters are always willing to help you. A great bunch of people. TC, BARZ
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Postby studious » Fri Dec 30, 2005 8:54 pm

I'm certain you people have heard this subject at nauseum .... but it's very new to me -- so I'm really asking for help.

I took my dog to the vet, and they gave her a shot of Ivomec for "rabbit mites". My daughter in law just butchered the last of several hundred rabbits, and just moved way out into the country into an old trailer that stood abandoned for 7 years. She just moved in -- didn't clean or anything (YUCK!). I saw her and her husband over the holidays, and the word "scratching" doesn't begin to cover it, but hey claim it's b/c they're running a wood-burning stove.

She now has 27 dogs (where I got mine) for breeding purposes, shoved into a a filthy and small garage. Needless to say -- her "kennel" is NOT licensed. I called to tell her about what the vet had to say, but she is in total denial -- it didn't come form her place. How sorry I feel for those poor dogs!!!

I now have ourageously itchy red bumps under my breasts. Ahaa! A true symptom to deal with! -- So the possibility of scabies is a viable threat that I can manage. I called my usual physician (forget the dermatologist!), and Qwell and Ivomec is ordered.

In the meantime, I have been cleaning my fool butt off. I've gotten rid of about 90 plants (that really hurts! I've grown some of them for up to 20 years), and the rest have been dosed heavily with malathion. My king-sized bed has been literally disassembled and cleaned (and sprayed) with the stuff as well. Plastic mattress covers and pillow cases, all covers, sheets and comforters washed daily. Tonight, my husband and I dose with the RX stuff, and tomorrow, the house will be bug-bombed to smithereens.

Now, I'm begging you guys ... am I missing anything?? I do not want to jump to conclusions like Morgelllons if there is a simple and viable answer to the problem. Insecticides are not my typical answer, either -- I prefer a more natural approach: which has worked up 'til now.

The last isssue for peace of mind is the parrot: what do I use for mite control that is safe for him? I need all bases covered, b/c I really don't think my sanity can handle this ordeal again. Of course, there's still the issue of how to deal with the step-daughter. ?????

In closing, I would like to apologize for my previous frenzied posts. It pretty much relfects my period of hopelessness .... but it doesn't gather much help, either. Barz -- I would especially like to thank you. If this isn't scabies, I may try that avenue, but for now, I'm attemtiing to assuage my nerves and pray that I'm dealing with something treatable.


not quite so crazy!!
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Postby ddx118 » Sat Dec 31, 2005 7:29 pm

Dear Studious and CrazyCrawlin':

I've been afflicted with collembola for about a year. I am convinced, as many are on this site, that collembola is a separate from Morgellon's or Fiber Disease.

First a little about these little monsters. I have loads of info but here's a summary:

> they are 395 million years old, exist in thousands of species most of which many biogists believe have yet to be discovered leaving bioligists painfully clueless of what they might be capable
> they make up one of the earth's most important decomposers and are widely considered to be beneficial overall
> human collembola infestations have been documented since the '50s but remain largely unacknowledged by the medical establishment, labeled immediately as delusional parasitosis, as you experienced
> collembola can jump up to 5-6 cm, unlike scabies which can only crawl slowly
> they can live for up to a year, their eggs indefinitely
> they are frequently confused with other ailments
> they are entirely dependent upon moisture and I've read do not reproduce below 70% humidity (this is KEY). Therefore anything which disrupts their ability to stay hydrated (like salts) seems to battle them effectively.
> they have a collembole which is a suction cup thing on their abdomen which I believe they use to adhere, breathe and possibly feed on human skin
> they generate a crusty mucous coating over themselves which makes them WAY harder to kill
> they breathe air but can go without for up to 18 hrs
> they are everywhere in our environment in all climates and continents, anywhere there is organic matter, mold, fungus, or feces
> they reproduces in a coordinated fashion readily distinguishing themselves from scabies, which do not. Collembola will reproduce to create 100s of simultaneous bites resulting in a raised bumpy rash.
> they have very sharp claws which leaves trails on my skin (although not initially, this fun started only recently). When disrupted they "bite". I have a mantra, the more it hurts the more that are dying. They can cause extreme pain.
> they do not need you as a host. They can and do live anywhere there is moisture and organic matter on which to feed (including each other)
> You have to keep yourself from being "seen" by them as a food or a place to reproduce. I believe a damaged immune system, yeast overgrowth or toxic buildups make certain people (like me) susceptible.
> they are not necessarily contagious.

On to treatment....

First, consult with the national treatment experts at Q-based solutions out of LA. They have a complete protocol guide available online:

The Rx solutions don't work and I believe can worsen your condition by increasing your bodies toxic overload. They are only pesticides and already scientifically proven to be ineffective against sarcoptes scabies-- and collembola are MUCH tougher eradicate.

I'll let you look at the collembola eradication advice on the link above, here's what q-based material doesn't (or can't) say:

> Use their antiseptic spray on your environment everywhere AND directly on your skin. That's what the staff uses so I, like them, go for the stronger treatment.
>I'll emphasize importance of dehumidifying, especially in bedroom and bath areas. If you think your bathroom is infested, believe me it definitely IS.
>Trust your instincts. When you feel them biting you, they are living in that space - TREAT IT IMMEDIATELY.
> Wash everything in hot water with BORAX. I would wash bedding twice and put in hot dryer for 60+ minutes.
> comforters are a losing battle, I think I have to toss mine - fyi
> Focus on your bed. This is critical. Your mattress may need to be replaced but at least 'bag it' in a zippered PLASTIC mattress cover. Wash sheets everynight and be sure to spray the entire bed with disinfectant before you put on clean bedding.
> treat all fabric covered upholstery (cars, couches, chairs)
> the diatomaceous earth mud packs work
> collembola are also killed by bleach, ammonia and Tea tree oil
> I have had great success with strong, hot and long EPSOM SALT BATHS. Collembola are poisoned by sulfur so the magnesium sulfate is highly effective. It visibly dissolves the crust over the lesions which protect them from the surface treatments. It also pulls the toxins left by the decaying bodies, fecal matter and most importantly the sperm which needs to be washed away to reduce reproduction.

> I use topical treatment with liquid bandage products. I paint the "active" lesions. This reduces infections because 1) it immobilizes the live bugs 2) reduces or prevents air flow (they breathe air) essentially suffocating them (but this can take 18 hrs!) and most importantly it seems to seal the lesion to inhibit the other springtail buddies from spelling the pheromones which attract them 4) it sterilizes the wound and promotes healing.

> Consider an anti-candida regimen since collembola are fungirous (sp?) feeding on any mold or fungus in their environment. This is why house plants attract them -- moist moldy soil yum yum they say. Note many treatments are not particularly effective, try the bentonite + pysilliam SEED powder + Caproyl treatment, available from a number of sources including

> Lastly, understand that getting rid of these things takes multiple approaches. Whenever I lay off in one area they start raging back at me -- only a multi-pronged approach seems to work.

I have learned so much in my struggle with this and if I had this information when I first discovered my infestation the collembola would not have had the chance to infest me as they have. PLEASE do yourselves a favor and JUMP on this as soon as possible.

Best of luck to you!
Hope this helps.
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Postby studious » Sun Jan 08, 2006 5:30 pm


Thank you soo much for your time and effort. My nerves are geting increasingly shattered as medical advice continuouslly proves useless. My last encounter rendered a diagnosis of "electrical, chemical imbalance," and I was placed on Potassium and ordered to wash my hair for 10 daus with Neutrogena T-Gel. I was also place on Bactrim for 3 days and then ordered to resume after 7 days (it does have sulphur). However, I am VERY prone to yeast infections, and have reported for years that my first symptom of such is a crawly, webby feeling on my scalp and hands. I generally call in a request for Diflucan -- and that helps for a short period.

I think it's worse than ever -- and school starts on Wed!

I have cleaned and cleaned, and even washed clothes with Malathion -- I'll be accepting your advice on the Borax! The bathroom (very large!) was cleaned with a solution of bleach, ammonia, AND malathion ... and all plants have been eradicated.(there were 22). My home has been OVERLY bug-bombed.

Although wireless internet is soon available, I am now on dial-up -- and thus cannot get most of the pics on your recommended website to download. Although I do itch profusely, and am finding the brown marks all over me, I have found no one else that mentions their hair wiggling and jumping. Does this happen to you?? And If

I will be taking your advice and obtaining some of these products. As I write, my hair is saturated with olive oi[ -- AND if I have a "chemical imablance", why is my dog's hair behaving the same way?????

I soo appreciate your input, and will be referring to it and your recommended sites regularly. I cannot live this way ... and my patients don't deserve it!!!

BTW: I just had a new granddaughter delivered yesterday, and I'm afraid to hold her. This crap is getting pathetic!!!

Another note: Barz: Perhaps "traditional" isn't the mode to go!!!
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Postby ddx118 » Sun Jan 08, 2006 6:02 pm

Dear Studious,

Congratulations on your new granddaughter! I'm glad to hear some of the info is helpful. To answer a couple of your questions...

No, I do not see my hair wiggling and jumping. This sounds more like what I've read about people with Morgellon's disease, rather than collembola. Rabbit Mites? Hmmm.... From what I've read most of the typical animal mites will bite humans but don't typically reproduce on human skin. That said, Q-based counselors have told me multiple times to treat my cat, who does not seem infested but I have to wonder if her sleeping on my pillow every night (for 15 years) is one of the factors in my re-infestations.

As an FYI, the Q-based solutions disinfectent is simply benzalkonium chloride which is what hospitals use and surgical staff use prior to surgery (perhaps you're familiar with it?).

As for holding your new grand-daughter, I was in a similar situation when a friend visited with her infant. It was nerve wracking but I kept my skin sterilized and my lesions covered with liquid bandage stuff and long sleeve shirts on. I don't believe any of these critters can readily penetrate multiple layers of fabric unless you have close contact for a number of hours. Even after a weekend with me in my house, the baby was fine.
Obviously a newborn will be swaddled so if I were you I wouldn't deprive yourself of such an important life event.

Another source of treatment ideas is from a Dr. Schwartz out of AZ. He told the Q-based people to try antibacterial herbs such as wormwood extract, extract of cloves (which are the nastiest tasting stuff you can imagine) and black walnut. I have been on these for about 6 weeks and it does seem to help significantly. As I said before, no single treatment seems to work, the "shotgun" approach to get them from multiple angles is your only hope...sounds like you're doing this.

Have you read about that bacteria in certain biofilms typically found on equipment used for feeding tubes and severely ill patients could be responsible for this infection? One of the most disturbing aspects of this is that I believe medical staff, especially those in nursing homes, are EXTREMELY vulnerable.

Best of luck to you, Studious!

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Postby Barz » Mon Jan 09, 2006 12:59 am

Studious, Yes! I do have the brown spots and also the crawling and moving hair. Go to Wal mart get some Pomade de Azure in the first aid section. It is a small plastic jar with yellow label. It says it is for acne. This helps on the skin. Tea tree oil, borax, sea salt and/or epsom salt can help too( use in bath or spray on yourself as needed). You will have a VERY HARD time getting any kind of diagnosis, other than you are crazy. For the hair, I have found that tea tree shampoo with peppermint helps. (Super cuts sells one by Paul Mitchell). Start taking MSM vitamins. This has really helped slow down the itching for me. I hear the trick is to keep switching products for best results. If yeast is a major problem, There have been many people at lymebusters who claim an anti-candida diet (available online free) is extremely helpful. I try to avoid sugar, but have medical issues which do not allow me to do the full diet. I really do suggest you join the board there. The people will help you out so much. Congratulations on the GD. I have a little one of my own, too, who does show signs of having this nightmare along with me. As do several of my direct family members. I would be cautious around baby, as I do believe it is contagious. Take care. Barz
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Postby studious » Mon Jan 09, 2006 3:23 pm


Thanks soo much for the validation regarding the hair -- I wa beginning to actually believe the DOP thing! -- though that's hard to do when others are witnessing hairs take on lives of their own!

I've been to the Lyme site, but haven't fully navigated yet. My Christmas break was short -- esp. wiith all the cleaning and debugging going on (I also have a huge packet of homework to get completed by Wed.: thank goodness I'm almost done!) Is there a message board on the Lyme site as well?

I find myself relying heavily on what I read here: esp. when I begin to question my own sanity. I'm truly sorry others are facing this, but it is comforting to know that I am not alone.

I am having a specific quandry. My hair has really taken a beating throughout this ordeal, and I have ends that have split as far as 3" up. It is in desperate need of a trim. I'm reluctant to go to a salon at this point -- but I do need to maintain some type of professional appearance. My hair is almost to my waist: I'm seriously considering a short style, but will that make the condition more obvious? ...How do you handle this scenario?

Bless you for the help! -- I think a trip to WalMart and GNC is in the cards!!!!

Still crazy ... but attempting to extract the Studious!
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Postby studious » Mon Jan 09, 2006 8:19 pm


OMG!! I've been to the Lymebusters site, looked around, and filled out the survey: what the Hell is going on????!! Yes, I am relieved to know that I am not the only one experiencing this crazy syndrome, but it certainly seems that with soo many -- something would happen!!!

I sincerely thank you for sending me there, but I guess I now have a sense of hopelessness. How will I ever be able to mask these symptoms and maintain for another year and a half of school?? This crap is making me crazy (along with milllions of others), and judging from the looks of things: it isn't going to better any time soon. Should I even be in school? Or am I a walking infestation??

Anyway, I've spent several hours on the site, and I will do my part with petitions, surveys, research, etc. Maybe together we can figure something out! In the meantine, the Serenity Prayer is about my best answer.

Here's Hoping That Knowledge CAN Make a Difference!!!

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Morgellons help

Postby Barz » Sat Jan 14, 2006 7:49 pm

Studious, Yes I do know the sense of hopelessness. I have been suffering with this since the summer. I do not know what to tell you about going to school. If you go to a doctor, you will most likely be called crazy. Thats what is going on with this. NO ONE says that it is contagious in the medical field, however, I believe differently. In fact, this is not even considered a disease yet. There really is no official name for it. It is basically your call. But please rely on the people there. They will offer you alot of advice in any situation. It seems that they are making headway though. Just not enough people with the right qualifications doing the research. Its the people with the disease mostly doing the work. I am glad you found the board and wish you good luck and good health!
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Dr. Swartz

Postby skipbait » Thu Feb 02, 2006 2:11 am

I recently have experienced similar symptoms as you state.
Not the movement, but the crawling sensations and a feeling
of mites in my hair and on my face.
(in my nostrils and ear holes)

I have not told my doctor about it as I have read many horror
stories and have had annoying reactions from my doctor before.

I also read about a Dr. Swartz who has found a bacteria in many
patients blood, and uses antibiotics to cure the bacteria before the
infestation is able to be dealt with. I'm not sure if his findings
apply to me, but I hope to try to use them when I can get around
to ordering the supplies and convincing a doctor to test me for the
bacteria. So far I've made 1 attempt to ask a doctor to test me
and he said I'd been reading too much, before I got to the part
where I explained my symptoms and why I was asking for the

Anyhow, I'm tired of this annoying condition and hope I will
be able to rid myself of it soon.
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Postby Skytroll » Thu Feb 02, 2006 5:15 am


read all you can on this. go to Lymebusters and look for the Morgellons threads.

go to
and see video.

go to and register.

help us find out what this is.

King Cobra
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