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How are balancer chromosomes introduced?

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How are balancer chromosomes introduced?

Postby hnanon » Mon Oct 22, 2012 3:24 am

I have two fly stocks, each with the same balancer chromosome (TM2). Stock A has a mutant smg gene and Stock B has a mutant nos gene. Homozygous individuals from each stock can be identified by having a Ubx gene and dark black body. Homozygotes are sterile.

The homozygotes are selected from each stock in the winter and offspring from both die.

In the summer, offspring from homozygotes of one stock A are viable, while the offspring from homozygotes of stock B die.

How does this happen? The time difference must be a factor, I imagine. Also, the TM2 balancer has a double crossover region near the smg gene.
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