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Two Sample T-Test

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Two Sample T-Test

Postby deloused » Sun Apr 29, 2012 12:29 am


The past month I have been diligently working at preparing at apparatus designed to measure the amount of pathogens cultured in rotting fruit: I was to compare that to the same group of fruit (tomatoes) rotting with sodium chloride. An unexpected rainstorm passed through Southern California two days ago, destroying my experiment! I now have only 4 days to set up another experiment and write up the discussion of observations and results.
I'm finding curating a new experiment in a limited amount of time very difficult, as the experiment must compliment other studies in the field. For instance, I have been considering an ecological approach in efforts to support the article: "Effects of Prescribed Burning on Ant Nesting Ecology in Oak Savannas," by Philpot, Friedrich, and Houdeshell. Only problem is, there are no Oak Savannas anywhere remotely near Los Angeles.
I would greatly appreciate if any of you could provide me with tips or ideas for my next attempt at this two sample t-test.
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