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Evolution questions

Discussion of everything related to the Theory of Evolution.

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Evolution questions

Postby Ryosuke » Fri Nov 18, 2011 7:21 am

Could someone help me check if these are correct? I am unsure of the second and third question, but i believe they are correct.

Some biology questions on evolution. Appreciate the help.?
The migration of reproductive individuals among populations results in a movement of alleles called:
a. disruptive selection.
b. directional selection.
c. gene flow.
d. hybridization.
e. recombination.

My answer was C.

An oak tree produces two kinds of leaves: large with shallow lobes and narrow with deep lobes. If this dimorphism is based solely on the ecological condition of amount of sunlight exposure and there is no genetic difference between leaves that express either of the two forms, then:
a. natural selection cannot preferentially select one of the two leaf forms over the other.
b. the environment cannot affect the relative abundance of the two leaf forms.
c. the large, shallow-lobed leaves must be adapted for sunnier conditions.
d. this must be a trait that expresses quantitative variation.
e. natural selection cannot act on the trait of leaf morphology.

my answer was E.

The fact that fish, penguins, and dolphins all have the same basic shape is BEST explained by which of the following?
a. Divergent evolution and adaptive radiation into new niches often result in convergent evolution.
b. Fish, penguins, and dolphins all faced the same physical constraints during their evolution and converged upon the same body plan.
c. The basic shapes of fish, penguins, and dolphins are vestigial structures.
d. Parallel evolution is common among aquatic mammals.
e. The similarities are probably due to random chance.

My answer is A.

Appreciate it, thanks
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Postby Ryosuke » Fri Nov 18, 2011 1:24 pm

Can someone delete this post? I found out my errors. Appreciate it. Sorry for double post. thanks
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