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Biologists cannot tell us what a species or phylum is

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Postby mcar » Sat Jun 20, 2009 11:44 am

You're geting tired of these don't you?
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Postby gamila » Sat Jul 18, 2009 5:35 pm

scientists cannot tell us what a species or phylum is



"However, the exact definition of the term "species" is still controversial, particularly in prokaryotes,[2] and this is called the species problem.[3"


"Although a phylum is often spoken of as if it were a hard and fast entity, no satisfactory definition of a phylum exists"

with out a definition of these terms then biologists are really talking nonsense for with out definitions to locate the things they talk about they are really not talking about anything at all If the biologist talks about say speciation or this species proving natural selection but cant tell you what a species is then he is talking meaningless nonsense
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Postby AstusAleator » Sun Jul 19, 2009 4:37 am

gamila wrote:I'm just kidding guys. Colin Leslie is my pseudonym, and all those degrees are just a bunch of crap. I'm just trying to mess with all of your heads and piss you off. It's so easy. I guess I just like the attention. I have to just keep repeating those same basic phrases because if I actually tried to defend them you'd all figure out that my (Colin's) intelligence is only average and I'm not actually smart enough to come up with an argument sufficiently water-tight to challenge current scientific theory. It's been fun though, right? Thanks for all the replies. Regards. --Colin

FINALLY!! :D :o :D :o
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Postby gamila » Wed Oct 07, 2009 11:59 am

looks like your biology ends in meaninglessness as your classification system is meaningless
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