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Intron: Unusual donor-acceptor splice site (GT-AG)

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Intron: Unusual donor-acceptor splice site (GT-AG)

Postby molecular09 » Wed Jul 01, 2009 8:52 am

As we know all introns obey the GT-AG rule (donor and acceptor splice site). I would like to know what actually happen if the GT-AG sites were intervened with unusual junction sequences (before GT/after AG), for eg:

1. gcgcgggcTGTGCGTC...INTRON...CAGTTgatgc [exon-INTRON-exon]

2. tgaatcagcaggGGGTGCGTC...INTRON...CAGAaagtttatggg [exon-INTRON-exon]

Is it because of intron frameshifting/intron sliding? I had successfully amplified a ~4kb gene with 18 introns but only 10 introns follow the GT-AG rule. I had also performed sequencing reaction for several times and carried out alignment with the cDNA sequence and still obtained the same results. Hope you guys can give some info regarding this issue..
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