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The summary of Identify fertilizer

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The summary of Identify fertilizer

Postby sunnye » Thu Jul 24, 2008 2:00 am

chemical fertilizers have variety tapes, and mark on the bag will be unclear after a period of time, causing inconvenience to use, here introduce some commonly simple method of identification.

1. Appearance of identification: the addition of lime nitrogen fertilizer nitrogen slightly light brown, the other white uniform Jiejing Zhuang, potash fertilizer for the white crystals, but the Canadian potash fertilizer for the reddish-brown. General phosphate fertilizer was powdery, mostly off-white or grey.

2. Differential solubility law: general nitrogen and potassium can dissolve in water, and only part of phosphate dissolved in water or do not dissolve in water, soluble in water and some SSP You Suanwei, FCMP and phosphate rock insoluble In the water.

3. Alkaline reaction of: take a little fertilizer with the contour of Health, Shushi Hui mixed together, increase the grinding, can smell the smell An Wei, compared with the nitrogen or nitrogenous fertilizer. Otherwise, not Ammoniated for the fertilizer.

4. Combustion: will be expected on a plate, in the fire burning on the observation: a lot to take white smoke, ammonia smell, no residue, as ammonium phosphate hydrogen; does not melt, directly or sublimation of decomposition, Sour for the ammonium chloride, dissolved into a liquid or semi-liquid, large run-burning, An Wei and the smell of sulphur dioxide taste, take the remnants of yellow foam, as ammonium sulfate, burning at the fertilizer did not change significantly, but there are Pop, Ganzha beating, spread in the fire, a purple flame for potash fertilizer, which beat keen and very slowly dissolved in water for potassium sulfate, potassium chloride to the contrary, scattered over the hot charcoal on the role of combustion-supporting For the potassium nitrate.
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