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Postby kiran » Sun Jun 26, 2005 8:57 am

:arrow: what is the role of centrioles on the cell division?
:arrow: How does the impulse conduct in a non myelinated nerve fibre?

:? JUst any one can help if you can I am eager to know it.
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Postby opuntia » Sun Jun 26, 2005 11:21 am

[quote="kiran"]:arrow: what is the role of centrioles on the cell division?

they are involved in the formation of spindle fibres(spindle apparatus) :)
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Postby b_d_41501 » Sun Jun 26, 2005 2:05 pm

How does the impulse conduct in a non myelinated nerve fibre? : This is a good place to browse. I'll post a bit of info from it to catch your interest, "The nerve fiber is composed of an axon, a neurite and often its covering. The axons of the peripheral nervous system are covered by a sheath (neurilemma) composed of Schwann cells. The neurilemma is comparable to certain neuroglia of the central nervous system. Large diameter peripheral nerves have an additional sheath called myelin internal to the neurilemma, and are called myelinated nerves. Smaller peripheral nerves lacking the myelin are called non-myelinated nerves.

With the electron microscope the relationship between the myelin sheath and the neurilemmal sheath of Schwann cells has been elucidated. Myelin is part of the surface membrane of the Schwann cell that has been wrapped around the axon. The myelin and neurilemmal sheaths are interrupted at regular intervals. These interruptions are called nodes of Ranvier, and there is usually one Schwann cell between two successive nodes of Ranvier (an internode). In nonmyelinated nerves, the surface of the Schwann cell surrounds a number of axons"[/quote]
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