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Cuttle Fish

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Cuttle Fish

Postby Anima » Thu May 22, 2008 2:57 am

I was reading about life in the corral reefs in a science magazine and found out a few interesting creatures, the cuttle fish and sea slugs (nudibranch). Color is important in the reefs because of the clear water, for camouflage, mating, defense, and communication. Some fish can communicate by using emitting UV rays. However, I couldn't find a whole lot of detail as the ability of cuttlefish and some sea slugs to changes colors worked. I saw something about a gel that was made based on what was discovered from studying cuttlefish that could be used to camouflage tanks the way cuttlefish camouflage themselves in water (Lol, a cuttlefish tank), but couldn't find any further details as to exactly what physiological processes were involved in color changing? Does anyone know anything about this subject or have suggestions as to where I could look to find out more? The magazine article was not helpful in giving me further information about where to look.

For anyone who wants to see a cuttlefish:

These look like they wanted to beat up the people behind the glass:

When the cuddle fish turns into bright colors and makes that little heart shaped sign with it's front flippers, it means it's agitated: ... re=related
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Postby mith » Thu May 22, 2008 6:51 am

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