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Question of terms in microscopic examine of prostatic tissue

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Question of terms in microscopic examine of prostatic tissue

Postby queenmum » Mon Jun 19, 2006 3:05 pm

Hi, I am a student and am stuck on a transcription a Dr. has given on a microscopic examine of prostatic tissue. Wasn't sure if someone here might be able to help me. Here is the exam, I have put the terms in parenthesis that I am unsure of. I know I have them wrong just can not make out what this man is saying and I can't find any references that are this detailed.

MICROSCOPIC EXAMINE: Specimen consists of 14.4 grams of pink-tan apparent prostatic tissue; two cassettes are taking. MICROSCOPIC EXAMINE: Multiple dissection of the prostatic tissue reveals marked hyperplasia. The glands lie close together, but fibrous stroma separates them. Corpora amylacea are present within numerous glands. The (pilary pacillia) hyperplasia is noted. Some of the ducts are dilated and a (paradoctial) mononuclear cell infiltrate is noted.

If any one has an idea and can help I appreciate it.
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Postby sunshinegirl » Tue Jul 04, 2006 3:10 am

Hi, I am doing the exact same report. Mine is for ICS Canada and this is the last report i have to do. I am stuck on the same words as you are. I know the one is "Fibrocystoma" and the other is "Papillary epithelial" and the other one i am stumped on hard core. I have no idea, but others seem to think it is what you have already.(paraductial). Thanks and see ya if your doing the same course as me, let me know and we can work at it together if ya like....[email protected]
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