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Re: Stomach bloating and weight gain

Sat Jul 24, 2010 11:24 pm

This thread began years ago...as did my bloating, chronic fatigue, weight gain and general unhappiness about the lack of control I have over my body!

I have been tested for Lupus, Fibromayalgia, Chrones Disease, Addisons Disease, every auto-immune disorder, Rhumetoid Arthritis, etc. Everything. Even if it sounded irrelevant, it's been considered.

I've eaten healthy for the last 10 years. I'm only 27. Salads, gluten-free and limited dairy, almost zero carbs and low-sugar foods. I couldn't eat any heathier. And although I enjoy everything I eat, it doesn't do me any good. No matter how much I exercise, I can't do it anymore. My stomach expands so hard and empty, it's painful and annoying to wear clothes that feel so tight. I can't even tell the difference between when I'm swelling and when I'm just gaining weight.

I was 125 pounds last summer, when I was at the doctor for a regular visit. I'm 145 now. How...Why, does this happen? I'm so sad, uncomfortable and angry. I've seen so many specialists. It's a joke. Each doctor gives up and I've given up on every doctor.

What do I do when I reach this point of unhappiness...when you are so uncomfortable in your own body that you can't emotionally stand it anymore? I hate how I feel and look. And if I was at least enjoying myself, eating bad foods or drinking too much, than I would welcome the chosen weight gain. But it's not the life I'm living.

What do I do? I can't take this anymore? I eat so healthy. I'm a good person. I hate myself in this skin. My stomach is so bloated I look pregnant. My face and feet are fat. I'm tired. I'm sad. And I shouldn't be. I have a good life, a good job, I'm loved and I'm a nice person. But this so-called "condition" is ruining my ability to live my life normally. WHAT do I do?????? :(

I can't afford doctors anymore. There's no test that hasn't been taken. Allergens, deficiencies, white blood cells high, red normal, blood pressure low yet I'm not anemic. Nothing else shows up. I'm not allergic to anything but my own body.

Re: Stomach bloating and weight gain

Mon Aug 02, 2010 4:21 pm


Your posting reflects my feelings for the past 2 years- when the weight gain, bloating, etc really became an issue. I weighted 130 for years, gained 5 pounds and couldnt loose it on my own. Even with the help of a personal trainer 3 times a week (she was a co-worker) and exercising on my own another 1-2 times a week and following a healthy diet, I not only maintained my 5 pounds, but gained an additional 3.

After 6 months of this, and an additional 8 pounds over the past few months, I noticed that my periods were changing- to nearly non-existent despite being on birth control pills. I was feeling very tired- actually falling asleep at lunch. I am now up to 146 lbs. This may not sound as drastic as some of the previous posts, but on my 5'2" frame it's quite noticible and makes me quite self conscious. I cannot afford, and do not want to, buy more clothes. Ive had all the lab work and everything is negative.

My doctor has mentioned eating a healthier diet and more exercise, but I do so more now that when I was younger without results. Depression also came up- though not an issue. I thought maybe I was pre-menapausal, though my doctor disagreed as I am only 36 and there is no test to confirm it until you've gone through it (hormonal tests).

Im going to try seeing a gastro doc and see what he has to say. Its very frustrating and I empathize with everyone.

Re: Stomach bloating and weight gain

Sun Aug 08, 2010 6:14 pm

recently i saw a gastro specialist and dietician as iv had trouble with my g.i tract for 11 years an have been diagnosed with many different things the most useful advice ive been given over the past 11 years was to try the FODMAP diet i think it was developed my a australian nutrisionalist and is about carbohydrate chains in different foods and there are 4 groups which many people cannot tolerate if you look it up on the internet there is a lady called susan shepherd who has some great advice is pretty much changed my life

i hope it helps

Re: Stomach bloating and weight gain

Sun Aug 22, 2010 11:30 pm

Hello Everyone, I am new to this site.

I would like to share info with you & to remind you to always, please do your own homework regardless of what is suggested. Having said that, search all forums ie: allergies, ibs, celiac, crones etc. These forums have a wealth of info & can save us all a lot of pain & suffering & monies.

I had one of my worst IBS attacks these past 2 weeks. The bloating, gas, burping, alternating diarreah & constipation, excruciating pain was off the charts.
I was at the point of screaming, just let me die. I have lost everything over the years, due to this illness. Unable to work, unable to go out & socialize, you name it....I can't do it. I am so home bound it's pathetic. I have done the whole gamut of tests, SIBO, Celiac, Crones, etc. Everything comes back negative. I have been in 2 IBS drug studies, which almost killed me. Every year or so, I get back on line checking for up to date info.
Eliminations Diets have NOT worked for me.
I use to be super thin, now everything I eat I bloat like a balloon all over my body. Even strict dieting does not help me to loose weight long term. Water loss is about it. Then it all comes back again.

Pls. check out these things for yourselves, as we all CAN have different causes to this horrible stomach bloating & weight gain.

- Activated Charcoal POWDER FORM: (you have to take to many pills to get the same effect as 1 teasp of powder. Pills not cost effective. Any brand will do just make sure its pure, no additives. IMMEDIATE RELIEF OF GAS & BLOATING...also removes toxins.

- L-Glutamine: Rebuilds intestinal lining, great appetite suppressant, must take with B-6 for proper absorption...so I pop a high mg. Vitamin B complex with it.
This practice over the past 3 days has allowed me to even eat bread again.

- Probiotics: TOTAL WASTE OF TIME & MONEY. Here's several reasons why.... google search everything I am saying, use the right key words. Remember, most info on the net is posted by ppl selling something. Forums are a great place to find new stuff.

a) Ingesting probiotics, they DO NOT ADHEAR TO INTESTINAL TRACK. They can't.
check out the famous Australian Dr. Borody. He is the GLOBAL pioneer on this subject.
He also, over the past several years has been doing fecal transplant of friendly bacteria. Yep, you read correctly. Fecal transplant of friendly bacteria from donors, because probiotics cannot adhere anywhere, you just poop them out in a day or two.
Also, check out medical reports on probiotics & placebo effect. hmmm.

b) Intestinal Eco-Balance of bacteria is so complex. I found years ago, by studying Dr. Borody, that the best way other than my flying down there & trying his fecal transplant method (which btw: Last week I found a forum where ppl are doing their own at home!!!)

Google search: FOODS THAT FEED THE FRIENDLY BACTERIA. Years ago, Inulin was not available in Canada. So I went to a European health food store & she ground up some AIR DRIED NOT HEAT DRIED (as heat destroys the benefits) CHICORY ROOT. Now I had my own Inulin. lololol Today, Canada does have Inulin in capsule form. The good bacteria will feed on this stuff, multiply at a blink of an eye and fight the bad guys for territory on the intestinal track. So be prepared for some die-off symptoms....several days & you will feel so much better. You do not want to over-populate the good guys either, as they, along with the bag guys, will expel their own toxic waste into your system, causing more gas, bloating & pain.

c) Probiotics may NOT contain the right good bacteria that your system is lacking. So if any of the billions that were put into the container are still alive by the time you ingest them, and IF out of those few some manage to make it past your stomach acids, think about it......1) are they the right ones? 2) if they have no place to stick, then what good are they? 3) if you mega dose them, then you are contributing to overpopulating a group that is throwing the balance out of whack, therefore you still have tons of bloating.
Research all this. It's best just to give the good guys the foods they need & they will do the rest to maintain the eco-friendly intestinal balance. Just remember the die-off stage.
EVIDENCE: so many ppl with SIBO complain that when they stop taking the probiotics their symptoms come back. hmmm? Now doe not that say it all.

- See an Endocrinologist: Check Thyroids, Menopause & anything else you can think of.

- Vitamin B-6 & Zinc are necessary for the production of Pancreatic Enzymes which help you to digest food. hmmm, add that to your L-Glutamine & you will not need to buy digestive enzymes. If you rely to much on the store bought enzymes, your body will forget how to make their own, and you will then have contributed to a life long problem. hmmm? lots to think about, eh? (I'm Canadian, just had to throw in our famous eh? lolol)

- FOOD ALLERGIES VS FOOD INTOLERANCE: Full blown allergies do show up on tests. Intolerance's to foods don't. hmmm, elimination diet. Here we go again, vicious cycle. As soon I manage to settle everything down & go into remission and eat normal again, for some reason, IBS will kick in again, more vicious than before.

I am sick & tired of just getting things under control only to have them come back when I stop taking $$$$ of stuff.
So back to researching......here's what I have found these past two weeks on the allergy forums & even on my IBS forum.

*** BioEnergetic Intolerance Elimination *** Please check this out.
I was offered this by a friend of mine for free 2 yrs ago & refused it as quackery, because of my reading about it on Quack Watch.com. Well, this year I did my own homework on the author of that site, and found out that he is the real quack!!!
Check out: True Hope.com
Health Canada closed them down because they were using mega dosing of vitamins to heal Bi-Polar victims. Look at the videos in the "News Room" tab, especially the ones in many parts.....breaks your heart. The True Hope ppl went to the Supreme Court of Canada. Long story short, as of last yr. they are back in business and now, Globally, the entire psychiatric profession is using this treatment strategy in hospitals, even on children. A new direction of medical healing has been finally established.
And this Quack Watch guy still keeps putting them down. hmmm?
So, now that I know about him being the quack, and stumbling upon the " BioEnergetic Intolerance Elimination " method in the allergy & IBS forums, I thought, hmmm, why not.
I have tried everything out there since I was a kid (I will be 58 next mth). I read that they give a money back guarantee, no one else does that, so why not give it a shot.

I also read a pile of testimonials on many of the sites. They will blow your mind. Sound to good to be true, well maybe, but then again, so did True Hope.com & they actually are saving ppl from being locked up in a mental institution, heavily sedated, so I figured, it's time to try something outside of the box. Money back guarantee says it all to me.
It's a cure, not a band-aid, and NOT a life long commitment of seeing them forever.
1-4 visits and your done!!!

I found a teaching center of this method in Oakville, Ontario & they have a list of practitioners, one of which is close to me in Toronto. I fired off an email to her yesterday (Sat.) & will set up an app't to get the ball rolling.

I will let you all know IF this works or not. Keep your fingers crossed for me, because IF it does work, then it's worth for you to also check it out.

In the mean time, do your own homework on this method.
Read all the testimonial.....I am sure some of them will resonate with you too.

Check out their video: http://www.soulembassy.com/treatment.html

NOTE: I am not selling anything, just sharing! And thank God, that I finally tried the Activated Charcoal powder......my tummy which was on the verge of exploding, when down many inches within a day.

Also check out:

- Low Fodmap Diet by Sue Shepherd (New news for IBS.....this too may help inspire new ideas for you, even if you don't have IBS)

- What is Fructose Malabsorption Disorder?
http://avthompson.wordpress.com/what-is ... -disorder/

- Fructose Malabsorption Disorder

***The Diet Cure, take their FREE Quick Symptom Questionnaire

I hope that the info above will help someone out there. Remember, do your own homework.

Re: Stomach bloating and weight gain

Mon Aug 23, 2010 12:08 am

Me again,

I forgot to mention that the L-Glutamine PURE POWDER (not pills), see instructions on jar,
should be taken 30 min before eating. Remember that it needs B-6 to absorb properly so you might as well throw in some zinc as well to get the Pancreas to start making its own digestive enzymes.

Also, check out:

- Orthomolecular Medicine for weight loss.

- Mega dosing with Vitamin D. (Actually, you really should get a physician to check your Vitamin D level). Many of us are so deficient in this IMPORTANT vitamin.
The D deficiency can & does manifest in many symptoms & illnesses.

Sometimes is just something so simple, yet seriously overlooked.

Thu Sep 02, 2010 2:39 am

Just to let you know how our BIE (BioEnergetic Intolerance Elimination) app't went today. I should have done this years ago. Guessing what to eliminate is NOT the way to go. Best have a qualified Naturopath person check you out for food intolerances.

No wonder my IBS would not go into remission all these yrs.

My food intolerances, although a short list, is the foods I have been eating.

Even tho I would avoid wheat products I was still dying. Apparently I am Gluten intolerant. That is a real bi*th.
And even tho I avoided cooking with long chain fatty acids ie: olive oil (only used it raw), and primarily used coconut oil,
it's the coconut oil that I am having problems with, along with my True addiction.......coffee!!! OMG!!!

Turkey, cherries, pork, spelt, green & yellow beans & corn (which I highly suspected since I was a kid.)

Oils to also avoid are Sunflower & flax.....so I guess I have to go back to the old rancid olive oil, that they camouflage with
scents so that we don't know how really rancid it is. Maybe I should just use Organic Lard for cooking, but I sure do
hate the smell of it. hmmm. I guess now I will get back down to my skinny self again, by avoiding these foods. YEAH!!!

The blessing here is that I am not lactose intolerant. YEAH! lololol I just love my dairy & cheeses.

So all that healthy eating that I have been doing was actually killing me, believe it or not. Oh well, I guess it could
have been worse.....the list of foods could have been much longer.

My mom has to avoid wheat, brewers yeast, bakers yeast and a bunch of other things, but not gluten, she's lucky on that one.

Well, we both got cleared of our food intolerances today with BIE and I already have been noticing a difference in my
IBS attacks. Yes, it works that fast. Also the so called Die Off experience, my head wants to explode.

So, by tomorrow, I should be able to tolerate the above much better, BUT, due to the seriousness of my intestinal inflammation,
I was advised to avoid ALL the above for a while so that the lining of my intestines will heal. And after that, to take it slow.

I was advised NOT to consume any of my vitamins for now....nothing that would compromise the lining rebuilding itself.

I was also cleared for Amino Acids, as well as Glucagon???, Estrogen & Cortisol (a biggie in the Rome III theory of IBS)

Julie also advises strongly AGAINST pill forms of vitamins bcos HUMANS don't have the enzymes required to digest them
properly. We only absorb about 10% of them that way.....a total waste of money & health in her opinion.

She HIGHLY recommends for all HUMANS to use liquid forms of supplementation.......ie: the company "Salus" (which can be bought at any health food store) and their products
FLORAVIT (without brewer's yeast, gluten and honey) Calcium & Magnesium & Vitamin D......or any other types that we need......must be in liquid form.

Capsules are 2nd on the list for absorption and pills the last. hmmm. Good to know for all of us.

Only time will tell if the BIE clearings really worked. I think I will give it a mth of abstaining, that should be enough time for the intestines
to heal, and then I will eat some gluten foods & coconut oil to see if in fact the BIE did get rid of the intolerance.

I will be seeing Julie in 2 weeks to clear other issues, like my cat, mould and dust allergies. We did way to much today.
It will be interesting to see how fast my symptoms clear up after that clearing. That too will be a great test of this procedure, as
it should be immediate, so I will let you know a couple of days after my 2nd session how things are proceeding there.

Apparently BIE is NOT a band-aid treatment, requiring one to spend $$$ on a steady basis. Once cleared of specific intolerances or serious allergies, your done. YEAH!

If my allergies (tested by a MD Allergist) are cleared, then I highly recommend BIE.

I hope that this info can benefit you. If you take away anything from my sharing, take this......you might just be consuming, bathing in, or brushing with something that your body does not like, hence the stomach bloating & gas. Best to check things out in both fields, the MD & Alternative.
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Thu Sep 02, 2010 3:01 am

Me again. I just looked up Glucagon on Wikipedia & still could not figure out what it does, so I googled searched: Glucagon Weight Loss and now I get it. Insulin & Glucagon come from the pancreas and they determine your weight gain or loss.
This link is a pretty interesting read:
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Thu Sep 02, 2010 5:38 am

I'm pretty sure, that Wiki has much more (real) info about glucagon and insulin than your spam.


Thu Sep 02, 2010 12:57 pm

JackBean wrote:I'm pretty sure, that Wiki has much more (real) info about glucagon and insulin than your spam.

Good Morning to you to.......what a way to start the day, with an attack now from you & not my tummy! And after all the hell I have been physically going thru these past 3 weeks, were my poor mom, 85 yrs old did nothing but cry over my agony. Thank you very much! Spam, listen up JackBean. I was sharing from the heart. I still don't understand what ppl mean when I read posts in forums of ppl accusing others of spamming.
I will remove that link and just leave the google key words. There are many ppl out there that do not know that key words are so important in searching & to switch them around.

If you BOTHERED TO READ any of my posts you would see, right from the beginning that I said that EVERYONE should always do their own research, regardless of what is posted.
I also pointed out that I could NOT understand what Wikipedia was trying to say. The link I found, albeit an ad, did use plain laymen's terms.....which I used to find more key words to finally understand the function & purpose of insulin, glucagon & the pancreas.
What I learned for FREE, WITHOUT BUYING ANYTHING, was that I got into all this tummy trouble by following all the internet advise about eating 3 squares a day or even more. I learned that what I was doing in the past......NOT EATING VERY OFTEN, kept my weight down, my health up, and my IBS in check........So instead of using your own head, take what I have shared, did your own research to find out more information to bring to the table and share with me and others, all you can do is offer sarcasm. hmmmmm. Thanks a lot.

Last night was the 1st night I actually slept, uninterrupted & woke up at 8:30 am, which is a miracle for me. My tummy is still making all sorts of gurgling noises, without the agony of pain and I am finally passing gas from both ends which is a miracle itself, instead of my intestines being all twisted up where the gas was trapped and forcing my tummy into an incredible distention mode, where the sides of my tummy muscles felt like they were being ripped apart. I have not urge to eat anything right now, not even my addiction to coffee. I think what I have learned is NOT to follow the daily food pyramid and to do what I did in the past.....eat when only hungry. That is what I took from that man's video on youtube.....and it was FREE advise. Spam, I still don't understand what that means when ppl are trying to share info and not sell anything. hmmm???
Have a nice day. And thank you for NOT sharing what might help any of us.


Thu Sep 02, 2010 1:05 pm

JackBean wrote:I'm pretty sure, that Wiki has much more (real) info about glucagon and insulin than your spam.

Oh, I just noticed that that link was removed. So I guess that the problem is solved. Thank you.

So, am I to take from this that my sharing is NOT appreciated? That I should not continue to post my progress regarding the BIE treatment that I had yesterday, and the avoidance of the foods she found to be intolerant to MY body, to see if it really does in fact really work or if it just is a placebo affect on my part?
I thought that the purpose of forums was to share info on what is working for some, rather than just posting complaining, symptoms or just sarcastic remarks to one another.
Like I said, I still don't understand what spam means. Would you pls explain it in real non tekkie laymen's terms to me please.

Re: Stomach bloating and weight gain

Sat Sep 04, 2010 12:58 pm

Hopefully, this may help some you....I'm a healthy 42 year old woman - married with a teenage son, and work fairly long hours. I've read so many comments on this site, and empathise wholeheartedly. Bloating, pain, clothing that has to accommodate three or four different sizes in one day, and frustration at just wanting to have aa 'normal' stomach can be really depressing. No wonder some of us have been prescribed anti-depressants! Despite doctor visits, scans etc., I've had no real diagnosis but I know now what causes it. There's a history of 'nervous stomachs', colitis, some serious allergies and auto-immune diseases in my family, so through this, I found out about Salicylate intolerance. Salicylate is a naturally occuring chemical in plants, and is in many foods - especially high levels in fruits, vegetables, beverages (including coffee - my favourite). Once I have a 'build-up' in my system coupled with some stressful times at work, my stomach bloats to pregnancy size. My feet swell - I have night sweats - feel incredibly tired, foggy, depressed and 'dis-engaged' with the world - sometimes I can't even drink water without bloating when a reaction takes hold. For the past two weeks, I've been eating tomato on crackers for morning tea - thinking the tomatoes were 'low acid' - they weren't - also been chewing gum to lose weight - bad move - so I'm trying to 'Sylicylate detox' this weekend. I feel better even after 12 hours. I hope this information reaches many of you in case Sylicylates are your problem too. :wink:

Re: Re:

Sat Sep 04, 2010 1:37 pm

CheeMiss wrote:So, am I to take from this that my sharing is NOT appreciated? That I should not continue to post my progress regarding the BIE treatment that I had yesterday, and the avoidance of the foods she found to be intolerant to MY body, to see if it really does in fact really work or if it just is a placebo affect on my part?
I thought that the purpose of forums was to share info on what is working for some, rather than just posting complaining, symptoms or just sarcastic remarks to one another.
Like I said, I still don't understand what spam means. Would you pls explain it in real non tekkie laymen's terms to me please.

Just do not post advertisment and comercial links.
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