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urgent!!! i need some help from the biochem experts

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urgent!!! i need some help from the biochem experts

Postby singedang2 » Tue Apr 11, 2006 4:26 am

Metabolism Assignment A

1. For each of the following, calculate the number of ATP molecules that are produced, both directly and indirectly:

a) maltose under aerobic conditions

b) fat under anaerobic conditions

c) palmitic acid under aerobic conditions

d) polypeptide segment consisting of alanine, glutamine, valine, and glycine under aerobic conditions

e) glycogen composed of 500 sub-units under anaerobic conditions

f) myristic acid under aerobic conditions

g) lactic acid under aerobic conditions

h) citric acid under aerobic conditions

i) (C12H22011)100 under aerobic conditions

2. If glucose has an energy potential of 686 000 calories, calculate the percent efficiency of the cell under:
A) aerobic conditions B) anaerobic conditions

**( Show your calculations)**

3. Assuming the percent efficiencies calculated in #2 above are constant values, calculate the energy potential, in calories, for each molecule in #1 above.
Potential Energy Release X 1
% efficiency

Glucose -> 36 ATP Glucose -> 686 Kcal ATP -> 7.3kcal

this is the practice questions that i have and i really don't know how to do most of the questions from number 1 and my test is coming up.
so please help me. Thanks!!!!!
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Postby sdekivit » Tue Apr 11, 2006 8:43 am

learn the metabolism pathways and than use that knowledge to answer these questions.
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Postby singedang2 » Tue Apr 11, 2006 3:03 pm

.... can you at least help me with one question from number 1 so that i know how to solve these problems?
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Postby Jelanen » Wed Apr 12, 2006 2:35 pm

I'm not gonna answer the question, but I'll point you in the right direction. If you know how much ATP glucose produces all you have to do is find the difference between glucose the the item you need to find the answer for. IE. Does converting maltose (or whatever) to glucose cost you ATP or gain you ATP...add or subtract that from your glucose production and you have the answer. Now, for non-carbohydrates, you need to find how they are converted into intermediates in the glycolysis or citric acid cycle and if that process costs/adds any energy and then how much it produces once its fit into the system. Good luck. If you want, you can post your answers and we can critique them and help you there.

-Jelanen, soon-to-be-graduate-student, Temple University
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