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PCD in bacteria

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PCD in bacteria

Postby GreenDog » Sun Mar 27, 2005 9:04 am

Bacteria are capable of committing Programmed Cell Death in a variety of conditions. One of them is a response to phage infection (first discovered some 20 years ago in E. Coli. Response to T-even...). What happens is, that infected bacteria lyse before the viruses have a chance to assemble, and this way the rest of the population is saved ( and these cells would have died anyway).
But, I have recently hared an idea, wouldn’t it be interesting if healthy bacteria committed suicide to help the rest? It can be useful for the population because the phage injects itself into any membrane it sees, it doesn't know whether it is a living bacteria, or just a piece of a broken membrane from a dead one...
A phage inserting its' DNA into nothing "dies", so what if bacteria lysed to produce membrane pieces to kill phages?
Any thoughts? Has anyone heard about it? Are you familiar with anything on the topic? Articles? Maybe a laboratory working on it?
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