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How long will myocytes survive in plasma+saline?

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How long will myocytes survive in plasma+saline?

Postby nmz787 » Tue Oct 15, 2013 9:26 pm

I'm going to a farm this weekend to watch how they slaughter pigs.

I've kept myocytes in-vitro with DMEM or the likes a few years ago in college, as trypsinized adhesion culture and explant chunk from chicken embryo.

I've also made hybridomas from mice, so I know about rinsing tissue of red blood cells with PBS, I think I did this with the chicken embryo heart too. I figure I will just use isotonic NaCl and KCl (from non-iodized food store items) for a wash, and spin down some blood to get serum (maybe add 50% saline).

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