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Why don't exercise make you stupid?

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Why don't exercise make you stupid?

Postby f24u7 » Fri Jun 14, 2013 10:02 pm

I have noticed that popular media have describe exercising as a way to make you "smarter", I am guessing by increasing oxygen flow to your brain through training your heart, however I have begin to wonder why it doesn't make you stupid as if you regularly work out or exercise you are potentially decreasing the oxygen flow to your brain at that specific time, so regularly work out might just permanently destroy your brain cell, as human brain cell does not regrow. So if exercise does make you smarter, does the increase in oxygen flow counter the effect of damaged brain cells or am I getting it all wrong. I have tried to find peer review journal that discuss this issue to no avail, searches on the internet always leads me to popular science web, does anyone have any resource on this?

Thanks in advance
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