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Want to do NMR data analysis ....

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Want to do NMR data analysis ....

Postby bioinfo » Mon Dec 10, 2012 12:39 pm

I have NMR spectrum data .... i want to know about any good software to analyse my result and to find structural information of my sample.
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Postby jeffz » Tue Jul 16, 2013 2:31 am

Good to know that buddy. For this purpose i will suggest you to use SPARKY and also look for CYANA. Hope this would help you.
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Re: Want to do NMR data analysis ....

Postby danielhuerta » Fri Aug 30, 2013 11:14 am

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is a physical phenomenon in which nuclei in a magnetic field absorb and re-emit electromagnetic radiation. This energy is at a specific resonance frequency which depends on the strength of the magnetic field and the magnetic properties of the isotope of the atoms; in practical applications, the frequency is similar to VHF and UHF television broadcasts (60–1000 MHz). NMR allows the observation of specific quantum mechanical magnetic properties of the atomic nucleus. k means clustering is an information mining system that differentiates your data into groups whose parts have a place together. Many scientific techniques exploit NMR phenomena to study molecular physics, crystals, and non-crystalline materials through NMR spectroscopy. NMR is also routinely used in advanced medical imaging techniques, such as in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
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