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Human Sexuality

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Human Sexuality

Postby willi3843 » Tue Oct 16, 2012 12:06 am

Hello my name is William. I am a sudent, and am majoring in Psychology. I am here today, asking for help. I am doing a group project and presentation on the topic of Monogamy. Specifically the possibility of the gene that people are calling the monogamy gene, although I know that this really is only a factor in determining wheather a person is more of a risk taker or not. Also, we as a group are looking at the health factors of monogamy, not only in humans, but is all species. If their are any helpful tips or resources you can share with me on these topics it would be much appreciated?
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Postby Drredfrizzle » Sun Nov 11, 2012 7:32 pm

For this topic it sounds to me like you need to research what makes people or animals attracted to one another I think the place to start would be google and type in something along the lines of what induces arousel in people. I personally think that gay people are mostly that way inclined due to social awkwardness around girls during school or just get bullied or teased in particular by the opposite sex if we are to analyse what makes people attractive to us it may be down to similarities in feelings views and possibly even appearance or situation. There are many factors involved and tbh i am not sure anyone has proof to definitively say that there is 1 particular cause of attraction between homo or heterosexuals
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