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Plant physiology question

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Plant physiology question

Postby inglej » Tue Apr 03, 2012 5:41 am

I had a question regarding this scenario:
In a fern’s life cycle,hybrid “1” the sperm in the antheridium was found to have 8 chromosomes and the dominate gene “A” on one of the chromosomes which produced large sporophyte fronds. In a hybrid “2” fern, the egg was also found to contain 8 chromosomes with a recessive gene “a” which produced small sporophyte fronds. If the sperm of hybrid “1” fertilized the egg of hybrid “2”, how many chromosomes and what would be the genotypes of the resulting structures after fertilization in the plants life cycle?

Resulting sporophyte, Resulting gametophyte, Spores, Sporangium sac in the sori, Resulting antheridium sac, Resulting spore mother cell, Cells that make up rhizoids

I'm assuming that there would be 16 chromosomes. However, I'm uncertain about what the genotypes would be. I'm thinking that it would be Aa (heterosporous) for the sporophyte, sporangium sac in the sori, resulting spore mother cell, and cells that make up rhizoids since they are all in the sporophyte generation and are diploid? Would it only be A for the gametophyte and resulting antheridium since they are all in the gametophyte generation and are haploid?
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