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Help Identifying Unknown Bacteria

About microscopic forms of life, including Bacteria, Archea, protozoans, algae and fungi. Topics relating to viruses, viroids and prions also belong here.

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Help Identifying Unknown Bacteria

Postby Kat000 » Sun Apr 01, 2012 10:56 pm

Gram Positve bacilli
Typtophan Degradation -
Casein Hydrolysis +
Startch Hydrolysis +
Fat Hydrolysis -
Oxidase -
Catalase +
Urease -
Citrate +
Voges-Proskauer -
Mehyl Red +
Litmus Milk - Acid
Fermentation Glucose = yellow(acidic), gas produced

It's either Bacillus subtilis, Corynebacterium pseudodipthericum, or Clostridium sporogenes....
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