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Nutrition Mega Thread

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Nutrition Mega Thread

Postby Nitro » Thu Dec 01, 2011 5:34 pm

Hello again everybody, I'm hoping that this will be the thread in which all future and present questions about nutrition will be answered. First of all, let me admit that my knowledge of nutrition isn't the greatest, but it's my greatest interest in biology/medicine field. So let's start the disscussion with my question. The thing I know the least about is alternate (nutrition-based) means of healing/treating illness. I've caught a cold yesterday and it occured to me that it'd be both beneficial and interesting to me to start learning about what kind of food is good for recovering health. I understand that you'd need to know the condition or the sickness you've encountering, and based on that intel you'd try to deduce what type of macronutrient or mineral or vitamin you need to focus on when arranging your meals. But I just wanted to hear different oppinions on this topic, and to see if maybe somebody's an expert on this. Cheers
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