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overtrainging and immune cell function?

Thu Nov 10, 2011 7:49 pm

Hi guys,

ive done research on this for a few weeks now but im just wondering if you could make sure im in the right direction and barking up the right tree.

ive done some studying into overtraining in elite athletes and how this can have an effect on the immune system.

ive found that postive training and trainng in the correct intesity and frequency can aid the devlopment of leukocytes and this clearly links in to fighting off illness and other antibodies. also there is a correlation to postive training and the production of red blood cells.
i know a fair abit about the effects it can on secondary immunodefiency am just wondering if any body can help me along with any negatives effects that overtraining in elite athletes can have on their immune cell fuction?

i dont particually need stright advice but a pointing in the right direction to any paper or e-journals avaiable would be accepted with great thanks!

cheers :)


Re: overtrainging and immune cell function?

Thu Nov 10, 2011 10:56 pm

That's a very interesting topic. There are certainly disadvantages to exercises which are overly exhausting. Below is a link to an article in Nature which explores some of those effects experienced by athletes in some of the most extreme conditions. If you're looking for adverse effects on the immune system, you might want to look into the literature on marathon runners. My mom runs marathons and most marathons runners "know" that you are more likely to get sick after the race because your immune system does not function as well after the extreme exhaustion, although you'll want to confirm that with some peer-reviewed studies and research the exact effects of heavy exertion on the immune system. I'll let you do the grunt work verifying that but I think that's a good avenue to head down.


Fri Nov 11, 2011 12:10 pm


i have a real intrest in this subject and im sure that article will come in great use!

if you wish to discuss this topic further been dont hesistate to message back.

thank you again for your advice i will now start to look more down that route.

thanks again.
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