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I need diagnosis and treatment

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I need diagnosis and treatment

Postby Mingled » Sun Sep 25, 2011 10:15 pm

I'm a first year biomedical science student at college, I happen to know a young girl (14 years old, my house owner's daughter) who claims that she has a disease unexplained by her doctors. She has a lump on her left side of the neck and according to her, it is due to enlarged lymph nodes. She had been staying in hospital since April, and she is now going to school. She still feels dizzy when she stands up for more than 10 seconds and she always feels tired. She sounds depressed and she admits it. Her body is paler than when she was not sick, and she says she feels weak. However, there was a piece of information she did not tell the doctors but shared with me. She was trying to hurt herself because she was depressed, by eating cape jasmine flower (grown at home and with possible pesticide). I googled and found out that Gardenia and Gardenoside are the poisons gardenia (cape jasmine flower) has. She also told me that her doctors have been treating her with antibiotics albeit without success. All I could tell her was that antibiotics can't cure poison and she needs to tell the doctors about eating gardenia, but she won't. I can't make any contacts with this girl or her family because I left the country. But I'm very curious how cape jasmine flower can cause swollen lymph nodes on one side of the neck?
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Postby JackBean » Sun Oct 02, 2011 2:02 pm


but unless she was eating the flowers all the time, I don't think they would cause permanent poisoning, but rather acute one.

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