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Fast moving bacteria (motility)

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Fast moving bacteria (motility)

Postby CilicThePotro » Thu Jul 21, 2011 6:30 am

Hi Guys,

Ive been looking at E. Coli under a microscope for the investigation of motility. Not just weather they move but how fast they go, and what % are motile. So far Ive got quite a lot of data with E. Coli and i'd like to try something else. The problem is I didnt study biology so Im not sure where to start. I have a list of what bacterial stocks are avaliable, but all they say are if its motile or not.

So far ive found this These 'Pseudomonas aeruginosa' are avliable to me (lots of different strains). Does that mean if i get a culture, and grow it overnight they should swim that quickly for me?

Does anyone know of the top of their head a very fast moving bacteria thats under 2um in size? When I say very fast i mean 50um/s ++. The e-coli I look at swims about 15 um/s at 20 degrees, maybe 30um/s at 30 but i cannot increase the temp under the microscope.

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