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Using Colchicine for Polyploids

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Using Colchicine for Polyploids

Postby plasmodesmata11 » Tue Jul 19, 2011 10:50 pm

So I was wondering...
Colchicine is used to create polyploid plants. It acts as a mitotic spindle poison which can cause nondisjunction of the entire genome. What I was wondering was that if you were to treat a seed with a colchicine solution, is the disjunction of the entire genome the usual occurence? I have been reading and I have yet to find out how frequent this outcome is. I am assuming that since it is a spindle poison that the majority of treated seeds would abort due to chromosomal abnormalities, meaning that a large batch of treated seeds would yield few polyploids. Is this true? And if anyone knew the frequency of success (for let's say arabadopsis) for creating a polyploid seed that would be excellent as well. Thank you!
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