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Field Biology


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Field Biology

Postby gochoosy » Fri Mar 25, 2011 5:53 am

I have a bit of a strange question, I suppose. All my life I have loved the outdoors and have had a passion for biology and the Earth. My problem is I would love to be a field biologist, perhaps working with birds, or plants, but I am 42 years old and need to get the BS degree. I would be 46 or 47 by the time I graduated! Of course I have done some research on this and I've found typically you need to do some type of intern work, maybe seasonal for little pay for the first year or two. So then that would put me around 50 by then. Of course I would still have 15-20 years left of work before retirement age, but I was wondering if anyone here has done field work at this age level? Or if anyone does continue doing field work until their retirement age? I am hesitant to try if I dont feel I would have much of a chance vying with all the 20 something yr olds!!! Please be quite honest in replying!!
Thanks in advance!
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