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SOS response in E. coli.

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SOS response in E. coli.

Postby CarolineHope » Sun Feb 06, 2011 9:30 pm

Im not sure i fully understand the SOS response in E. coli. Id like to know a bit more about it and know if it is possible that it reduces the time length usually required for E. coli to replicate its dna. I know that it allows the replication of the damaged dna but introduces mutations in it.

I did an experiment where we irradiated sodium azide sensitive E. coli with UV rays and it took only 30 min of incubation time after the irradiation for the E coli to show sodium azide resistance. Id like to know how E coli was able to show this new resistance after only 30 min of incubation. I know the SOS response sytem is responsible for these mutations but i dont see how 30 min only was long enough for this new resistance to appear. Can anybody help me?

Thanks a lot :)
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