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Possible Cure for Cancer

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Postby catielewis » Tue Jan 04, 2011 12:36 am

Julie5 wrote:Sometimes, advertising supplements is a pretty harmless activity, and doesn't really call for much objection other than to think those that do it could be doing something a lot more useful with their existence.

But to peddle quackery and claim it can save lives??? No, that's shameful. You shouldn't be doing this. Look in the mirror, whoever you are, Shanecantrell, and then go and read some forums where cancer patients talk amongst themselves about what they are facing, and then feel the shame you should be feeling for peddling your quackery.

You are not being kind. Use your time alive to be better than this.

And watch out for that karma that might be about to descend on you....



i am not against you guys, nor i am in favor of shane because honestly it is true that it is not safe to quaker on something that is serious. but JULIE, shane had never mentioned "IT CAN SAVE LIVES" as what you have mentioned, she never claimed the supplement can save lives, or you may want to read it again and understand what she is trying to imply.... what she said is to "PREVENT", means something not should be happened in the near future. PREVENTING DISEASES is totally different from SAVING LIVES. you should know and read the post first before trying to judge a person. Shane also did not imply nor to force the person who post the thread TO USE THE SUPPLEMENT TO CURE ANY CANCER... you may consider reading it again...

once again, i am not in favor with any of you, i just want you to know that you need to understand the content itself before trying to quacking out your points of view.
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Postby JackBean » Tue Jan 04, 2011 4:16 pm

the point is, that she (if she really is she) is just an spammer with advertisment. How can you prove it prevents you from cancer?

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Postby catielewis » Wed Jan 05, 2011 8:46 pm

JackBean wrote:the point is, that she (if she really is she) is just an spammer with advertisment. How can you prove it prevents you from cancer?

if that's the point, then JULIE must not reply any quaker thoughts she had to. if you think shanecantrell is a spamm, go directly to the point, julie should not make any statement from examining shane's post that is not there at all... that simple. and besides, once again, shane did NEVER CLAIM IT CAN CURE NOR PREVENT, it is her points of view which she believes is helping her to prevent cancer, and she never did tell the thread starter or whoever post the question to use the supplement nor pushing her to buy it. that's the very big difference there. we're no perfect here, c'mon, you guys made your own mistake. if you guys are professional and you know what you are dealing in this forum, you may tell her your sides properly and not by giving statement which is not true like what julie have said. that is also one shame, mind you, you are not a perfect either, consider how you feel also, it's the same thing, vice versa...
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Postby canalon » Thu Jan 06, 2011 2:17 am


your input is duly noted. However there is little to no evidence that those multivitamin pills can help prevent cancer or much diseases (besides the lack of certain vitamins that could other wise be acquired by a decent diet). In some conditions, some vitamin supplements might be useful: Vitamin D in is recommended in winter in Canada, as suntanning becomes a bit harder when the temperature stay below 0ºC for a few month, but even then the benefits are unclear (lack of vitamin D is true, some effects are known like osteoporosis, some are suspected like MS.. maybe) and do not necessitates to buy vitamin as it can be found in other sources such as milk, which will also help with you calcium requirements.
Worse those sites are the same that will tell you that cancer treatments are bad, and that they are the natural solution to save your life against a variety of diseases (infectious, mental or cancerous), not like those unnatural drugs given to you by those murderer MD.
So the peddling of pills under the guise of lifestyle advices (I removed the link to a commercial site selling the best multivitamins you can get... according to itself) is just worthy of scorn. Sane clearly implied that the multivitamins can prevent cancer:
But did you know, we can prevent cancer? Me and family learned our lessons. My mom sister has a breast cancer it been a year now. As a woman, I need to prevent my self from cancer or any other diseases. Me, my mum and my younger sister kate, we took this supplement called [thieving quackery :evil: ] Multi-vitamins

Sorry, they won't. They probably won't hurt anything though, besides your wallet that is, which is probably good. And other lifestyle improvements can also be helpful.
In fact that is why Shane has only been warned with the link deleted instead of the usual direct banishment and deletion that is generally the outcome for quack peddlers. I would thank you for letting the mods do the modding, and quit the subject before you make more a fool of yourself.

Science has proof without any certainty. Creationists have certainty without
any proof. (Ashley Montague)
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