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Taxonomy of nature?

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Taxonomy of nature?

Postby elvirawood » Thu Oct 14, 2010 10:38 am

Hello everyone!

I come from the field of literature so most of the topics you are discussing here are equally unfamiliar and fascinating to me. I am currently doing a study on representations of nature (any kind) in literature (a specific type) and I thought I could ask you your opinion.

Is there any rather-well-established taxonomy of nature that you could point to to me? I was thinking of whether I could look for any author that had set a broad taxonomy of nature (say, 1. human animals, 2. non-human animals, 3. vegetation... - yep, I'm totally making this up!) to use as a point of departure in this study.

Any help/suggestion/advice will be very welcome. :) Thanks in advance!
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