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Fri Jan 05, 2007 1:29 am

Title: US5038664: Method for producing a shell of relativistic particles at an altitude above the earths surface
[ Derwent Title ]

Country: US United States of America


9 pages

Inventor: Eastlund, Bernard J.; Spring, TX

Assignee: APTI, Inc., Washington, DC
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Published / Filed: 1991-08-13 / 1985-01-10

Application Number: US1985000690354

IPC Code: Advanced: F41B 6/00; G21K 1/00;
Core: more...
IPC-7: F41B 15/00;

U.S. Class: Current: 089/001.11; 376/100; 376/123; 976/DIG.427;
Original: 089/001.11; 376/100; 376/123;

Field of Search: 376/100,123 089/1.11 361/231 342/352

Priority Number: 1985-01-10 US1985000690354

Abstract: A method for establishing a region of a high density, high energy plasma at an altitude of at least about 1500 kilometers above the earth's surface. Circularly polarized electromagnetic radiation is transmitted at a first frequency substantially parallel to an earth's magnetic field line to excite electron cyclotron resonance heating in normally occurring plasma at an altitude of at least about 250 kilometers to generate a mirror force which lifts said plasma to said altitude of at least about 1500 kilometers. Heating is continued at a second frequency to expand the plasma to the apex of said field line whereupon at least some of the plasma is trapped and oscillates between mirror points on said lines. The plasma will be contained within adjacent field lines and will drift to form a shell of relativistic particles around a portion of the earth.

Attorney, Agent or Firm: MacDonald, Roderick W. ;

Primary / Asst. Examiners: Cangioalosi, Salvatore;

INPADOC Legal Status: Show legal status actions

Family: None

First Claim:
Show all 7 claims I claim: 1. A method for establishing a region of a plasma at an altitude of at least about 1500 km above the surface of the earth, said method comprising:
providing at least one source of circularly polarized electromagnetic radiation having a first frequency in the range of from about 1800 to about 3600 kHz;
transmitting said electromagnetic radiation from said earth's surface substantially parallel to and along at least one of the earth's naturally occurring and diverging magnetic field lines and focused so as to provide a power flux of about 0.1 to about 1 watt per square centimeter at an altitude of at least 250 km;
adjusting said first frequency of said electromagnetic radiation to a value which will excite a first electron cyclotron resonance within plasma which normally exists adjacent said field line at a first altitude of at least about 250 km whereby said electron cyclotron resonance causes heating and further ionization of said plasma to form a plasma having an ion energy of at least 3 ev;
continuing to excite said first electron cyclotron resonance for a time between 0.1 and 1200 seconds sufficient to cause movement of said plasma upward along said diverging magnetic field lines from said first altitude to said region at said altitude of at least about 1500 km;
providing electromagnetic radiation having a second frequency in the range of from about 20 to 1800 kHz and different from said first frequency and which will excite further electron cyclotron resonance in said plasma after it has moved to said region to further heat and to further ionize said plasma and to raise the mirror points of said plasma; and
continuing to excite said second electron cyclotron resonance in said plasma to produce relativistic electrons in said plasma having an electron energy up to 20 million electron volts.

Fri Jan 05, 2007 1:33 am

I wonder how our capacitor/fibres will react?

Fri Jan 05, 2007 2:28 am

I have found by asking people that call me, which is about 3-4 a week I have found that so far, and this is not a study, we are working on that course of action, that everyone is either A+, B+ AB+ or O Negative or 0 Postiive.

I have yet to find any A-, B- or AB-.

I asked this site to please report at one time but they thought I was being invasive of their right to privacy. Oh well..... I am asking again.


We now have 2 doctors that we are talking to that are willing to see patients for a regular price in TN. Also working on 1 in NY on Long Island and we are working on about 8 others.

My dream of having a doctor in each state that takes patients and it part of our network is slowly becoming a reality!! And these doctors will not charge you $500.00 a visit. They will charge you their regular office price! Testing and the protocol is extra if you want to be part of the study but most of these doctors will take insurance if you have it!

I am working on trying to get some financial help but we need some solid fundraisers so that those without medical insurance can either get it paid for (by the year) so they can get help. Just in the idea stage at this point in time. I did have http://thesherwoodforestgroup.com set up for this if it ever does happen.

I have been thinking about seeing if we can be covered as a GROUP. Does anyone have any ideas of first hand information about medical insurance coverage for groups?

Please write me [email protected]

Re: The doctors that care

Once we finish doing what we are doing with them they will most likely list themselves on http://netmedvisit.com

If you know of a doctor that wants to talk to one of our doctors and be part of this group of caring physicians please call me at


If you are new to this disease or need some one to talk to please also call me at 434-974-7128. If you let the machine run to the end and mention Fiber Disease Syndrome I will ALWAYS pick up if I am home.

Also you can list yourself at 434-980-2757 if you want me to call you back. Let me know the best time and day.

The one thing we have in common are the FIBERS.

This is an autoimmune disease in my opinion. We have an undiagnosed autoimmune disease most likely caused by a herbicide or pesticide that was genetically mutated to make the plants stonger or weaker and able to battle extreme heat and cold and extreme elements.

I believe that the good-will project did not know that once ingested that we would then begin to produce this fiber and it would mutate our code..for lack of a better word.

That is just my opinion.

I also believe that the people that did this will do everything in their power to keep it under the covers but I do not believe that it was done on purpose. Just a good idea gone terribly wrong.

I think that possibly Eastman Kodak in Rochester NY has something to do with t but I cann not prove that, not yet. But I am not looking to place blame, yet.

A cream that works that is cheap and you can get at Bed, Bath and Beyond for _at_$9.00. Mircale Foot Repair with Aloe. Much better than the German cream and a whole lot cheaper!!

Anyone who has tried it, after taking to me, and wants to report it, please let us know here how it worked. I LOVE IT!! AND IT IS CHEAP!!!!!!

Also we are figuring a new way to get noticed. If anyone has felt that their right to privacy between a new doctor and their visit to that doctor has been negatively influenced by the computers that most medical universities have that allow your new doctor to read the incorrect DOP diagnosis of the old doctor we want to get a letter writing campaign to HEPPA. We want to flood HEPPA with complaints.

If you are interested in this attack on our right to privacy, contact me ASAP!

Later gators!


Fri Jan 05, 2007 2:51 am

al wrote:Oh dear, yet another tender shoot.
As to the steak knives, um I was being, sardonic.
Oh well, I'll be nice.
got those tips?

Al AL Al,
It's A New Year & I do truely believe that if All Of us work & come 2gether we can accomplish alot (not try to ridicule or shoot down one another)!! :) We are ALL
suffers from this horrible disease & it seems we're the only one's who
care, so we have to care enough to get things accomplished in making this
become recognized in A professional manner to make any progress!! Oh
by the way I was well aware you were being sarcastic as was I back(let's
start fresh I'm willing) I do have some tips if U would like to know that have
been working really well for my family & I let me know, I hope that All of
us can share openly things that are working for us because I'm sure All of us have spent way way to much $$$$$$$$$$$$ EFFORT & Time on dead
ends(like I've said before) so let us come together help one another
in our goal of getting this disease recognized (sorry, I do not mean to offend anybody, I know some still have A hard time with the word disease) This site can personaly be A bit complex at times with all the
info from A-Z so much of so many different things which can be good for some but for others I think simple things are good just simple tips or just
talking about the things we go through to let us know we're not alone in
what were going through(I'm not calling anybody simple, just wanted to make that clear)Well I hope everybody is doing ok and staying strong.
keep those IMMUNE SYSTEMS UP!!!!


Fri Jan 05, 2007 3:15 am

[quote="RANDY"]I have found by asking people that call me, which is about 3-4 a week I have found that so far, and this is not a study, we are working on that course of action, that everyone is either A+, B+ AB+ or O Negative or 0 Postiive.

Hello Randy,
I just read this and it sounds so good, I will call you in the morning
and help as much as I can to get this ball rolling. I have many family members in the insurance buss. I will talk with some of them. Also I don't mind letting people know I am AB positive blood type as I told you when we
spoke, none of us should feel defensive towards some Q's to somebody who
wants to help not make us out with DOP, letting people know our blood type etc.
is nothing, to get some type of something study anything started that will
be recognized by doctors etc. Thank You Randy talk with you soon.
:D Nikki

Fri Jan 05, 2007 3:17 am

Thanks Nikkis, all the best for the new year.
I, yesterday purchased Lemongrass Oil.
I have used it before, it is an astringent, hurts like anything, but destroys the biota within the lesion, drying it out, for easy removal, later.
Am off to the Doc, re pimozide.........will report later. If it works as an anthilmetic, as well as easing the emotional schisms of this disorder, I'm willing to try.
Best regards, Al

Fri Jan 05, 2007 3:37 am


also if you know any VEterans with this have them contact me too. I have a friend, who was going to interview Tam way back when ..but could not without a number to call,,anyways she is working now for some veterans press thing and wants to do an article if we can find about 20 veterans that have this.


Fri Jan 05, 2007 7:29 am

al wrote:Thanks Nikkis, all the best for the new year.
I, yesterday purchased Lemongrass Oil.
I have used it before, it is an astringent, hurts like anything, but destroys the biota within the lesion, drying it out, for easy removal, later.
Am off to the Doc, re pimozide.........will report later. If it works as an anthilmetic, as well as easing the emotional schisms of this disorder, I'm willing to try.
Best regards, Al

Hello Al,
The best to you as well. Lemongrass Oil? I have not yet tried that,
I've been using pure tea tree oil with water as a face wash (except eyes)
it works great eyebrows and all, I also found A tea tree oil body wash,
shampoo & conditioner this works to keep them down and does not burn my lesions
of course it doesn't smell the best but hey if it's working I can't complain.
Also not sure if you know this already but it's best NOT to use chemicals
in your home environment, clothes & most of all the body (I'm sure you
knew of the body) but these critters or what not seem to like the bleach, the cleaners with bleach, the lysol products. I have found some really good all natural cleaners and controlled the home air environment
with them instead of choking on lysol etc. my breathing is better, I don't
find hardly any of the salt like grains (not sure what they are called) on
the counters anymore plus many other changes that have been amazing see, these kind of things are so much easier for
me to describe and explain on the phone rather than on the computer,
also I have found A really good immune booster, and vitamins that are
working so good for me(before I could hardly even function with daily
life, brain fog and could hardly get out of bed my body would just simply
not function not good when I have 3 little kids & a hubby) but now I feel
like my old self again, until it's shower time I hate that time everyday sometimes 2 x's depending on how bad it is.
because that's when I have to face, my face and the body my lesions what has to
be picked or pulled today, how many of these things that look like my
hair but are not will fall out today, will my legs itch like it can't take it for
a half hour today after my shower or will it be a good day. Will today
take me 3 x's as long to get ready because I have so many to pick and
pull and doctor myself up, dang I can't even wear make up anymore.
But in the last few months of using the immune and vit's, and tea tree oil my lesions are very few & not painful. Well I could go on all night but I
must get some sleep, goodnight talk with you soon let me know any of
you if you would like to talk on the phone or what not. Take care and
let me know how the doc visit went and turns out, I hope in your favor.

Fri Jan 05, 2007 9:51 am


also if you know any VEterans with this have them contact me too. I have a friend, who was going to interview Tam way back when ..but could not without a number to call,,anyways she is working now for some veterans press thing and wants to do an article if we can find about 20 veterans that have this.


Liar!!! do you think i no longer have the emails from you concerning this? or perhaps i should post them. is this another friend in the press? or the same one you claimed worked for reuters. give the bullshit a break already.

Fri Jan 05, 2007 10:23 am


Tam never contacted her.

She now works in a press room doing the overnight. I am not a liar.

Every time I try to do good work, you go ballisitic. It is very obvious.

If you want to talk to me call me at 434-974-7128.

If you do not call me I have nothing to say to you . I am real. I have a phone number and an address and I use my real name.

If you are going to call me names than use your real name and telephone or shut up!

I am willing to talk to you any time you want to talk to me. I do not hide. I am not a government worker.

This friend of mine can do a story if we get veterans to speak out. She already has one that has our disease and she needs more to make the point.

Do not get in my way. I am doing good work. What are you doing? I have had it up to my ears with the BS of the people on this site against me.

it is OVER. Step aside if you can do no more than present bogus videos and BS postings.

Thank you,


RE: Al's post concerning ATPI

Fri Jan 05, 2007 10:43 am

a quick aside....I also used Retin - A in the mid to late 90's. I should have just had a flippen facelift.




February 17, 2003


BAE SYSTEMS North America has reached a definitive agreement with Advanced Power Technologies, Inc. (APTI), to purchase the corporation for $27 million in cash.

APTI, a private company with headquarters in Washington, D.C., focuses on intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance exploitation and information processing for defence, civil and commercial uses. APTI's core competencies include radio frequency (RF) and optical engineering, communications and networking, signal and data exploitation and knowledge creation.

Other disciplines include microwave engineering; antenna design and development; optical sensors, plasma and shock physics; advanced ordnance systems; non-destructive testing; signal and image processing; and digital control systems, including industrial-based process controls.

The 17-year-old company also has facilities in Virginia, Maryland and Alaska. APTI employs more than 100 people and had 2002 revenues of approximately $26 million.

Mark Ronald, president and chief executive officer, BAE SYSTEMS North America said, "APTI's demonstrated performance, growth and high quality technical workforce align well with BAE SYSTEMS growth strategy in network centric warfare and information operations.

APTI's strengths and core competencies are important elements within the Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) market."

Closing of the transaction is expected to occur within 45 days and is subject to completion of certain regulatory reviews and approvals.


BAE SYSTEMS is a systems company, innovating for a safer world. BAE SYSTEMS employs nearly 100,000 people including joint ventures, and has annual sales of around $19 billion. The company offers a global capability in air, sea, land and space with a world-class prime contracting ability supported by a range of key skills. BAE SYSTEMS designs, manufactures and supports military aircraft, surface ships, submarines, radar, avionics, communications, electronics, guided weapon systems and a range of other defence products.

BAE SYSTEMS is dedicated to making the intelligent connections needed to deliver innovative solutions.

BAE SYSTEMS North America is a high-technology U.S. company employing more than 22,000 Americans who live and work in some 30 states and the District of Columbia. The company is dedicated to solving its customers' needs with both highly innovative and leading-edge solutions across the defence electronics, systems, information technology and services arenas.


Issued by: BAE SYSTEMS, Farnborough, Hampshire GU14 6YU, UK

Tel: +44 (0) 1252 384605 Fax: +44 (0) 1252 383947 http://www.baesystems.com

Ref: 036/2003

HAARP Web Cam: http://www.haarp.alaska.edu/haarp/cam.fcgi

Fri Jan 05, 2007 10:47 am

he Advanced Technology Centre delivers frontline research and technology to BAE Systems, its joint venture organisations and customers. Our role is to identify and develop technologies, systems, concepts and processes that will maintain BAE Systems' position as a leading edge organisation and enable future growth.

Our world-class scientists, technicians and researchers work across a wide range of disciplines including micro and nano technology, deep space telemetry, human / machine interfaces, materials properties, mathematical modelling and electronic sensors. We also monitor and evaluate the business potential of technologies under development within academia and other research institutes wordwide.

In addition to supporting BAE Systems and its Joint Venture organisations in the achievement of tactical and strategic technology objectives, the ATC has a vast network of relationships with external organisations including the UK Ministry of Defence, US Department of Defense, European Space Agency, Universities and other research and product organisations.

Together with BAE Systems Product Assurance Group (PAG) and the Systems Engineering Innovation Centre (SEIC), the ATC provides a comprehensive range of technology and engineering services from conceptual ideas to product and system development.

Do you think that buying contract research is expensive, complicated and time-consuming?
Think again. Click here to find out about TechniCall, a new, groundbreaking way of accessing the expertise of our top scientists and engineers.
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