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Mon Oct 17, 2005 7:32 pm

Involvement of the CNS is not only related to the secretome of this modified cyano.

It is also related to its mayor parasitic protozoa input that made this organism cyclical

(earlier mentioned variant glyco protein like properties)

Rational spin off would be artificial tissue (research)

Its about evasion of the immune system and bio compatability.

BMAA/ cyanobacter
Micro cystis/ blooming algae
Cellulose/ cyanobacterium/ texas scientists (BBC)

Yes, cocci RESEMBLING micro organism.
Known properties: will chain into diploid, triploid forms etc

For the PCR: try to get hold on the algea and its kissing vibrio(...)

Fibers are variant and in a way unite plant systematic with insect cell technology.

Its nerve cell, insect/ plant like behavior has a relation with keratine an
extension of the follicle(stem cell) e.g in the form of a shaft!

Keratine erosion can be observed.
Preference for the follicle can be observed.
An opportunistic character can be observed
(areas of repair thus; stem cell related)
The nail plate and its cutticle... that is stem cell related.
And a circle on top of Your head... that is stem cell related.

All is about invasion of in particular folding matter.

How political simple things can be!

Fiber disease / Morgellons

Mon Oct 17, 2005 9:33 pm

Hello to all. This is my first post here.
I have had fiber disease for 8 years now. Over time I have taken some photos of the exudate from my lesions.
I do not claim to be a scientist but I have tried to make sense of this disease and have been in touch with several clinicians who have tried to work on this disease and assisted in some research.
I have been looking at the oomycetes family of water molds.
They are cellulose based with aseptate conoctic hyphae.
Slides of my tissue were identified at the University of Pittsburg
as hollow cellulose fibers with a slight protien residue inside. My tissue samples were also looked at by W. John Martin MD PHD and he identified the characteristics of stealth virus but was unsure of the other element of the "vitria". http://www.ccid.org/articles/viteria.htm
As I took these photos I tried to take groupings of various kinds of exudate that I found consistently and group them together. The first slides in the first album are of a fiberball from this disease. Although I had found these structures with flared septums in the past, this was the first time I ever found one still containing the swollen tips. The structure and composition show some similar features of the oomycetes saprolegnia, achlya or dictyuchus.
The last album "Roots" was a recent discovery from a 4 year old lesion that never healed. The fiber had become so large and unusual it was easily visible with the naked eye. Perhaps this mature strand can offer some new clues.
I am happy to know of this site and the possibility of some knowledgable professional people who might identify something new from the photos .
Many thanks for looking.

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fiber disease

Tue Oct 18, 2005 3:54 am

My husband did test positive for a high toxocara antibody but the ID doc felt it was not toxocara- and then gave up because she was a private practice physician with a large practice and didnt have the time. She then advised MAYO where we encountered another physician who said there was no such thing that would cause neuro problems and I should face reality.

When you describe the Stem cell areas you hit it right on the nose when I describe the places we have the most of this material coming from our bodies. Espically the top of our heads- I have been laughed at many times over this one.

How can something so life altering be so political? It is nothing but a sin for all the crap of the medical system to get in the way of science- and better health.

Your input has reafirmed my faith in man.

Tue Oct 18, 2005 3:26 pm

_at_ forum:

Could you please make english sentences (you know with subject, verb and a little number of predicates...
And you could try to detail a little more your logical jumps when making demonstartions to such slow and siple mind as mine.



fiber disease

Tue Oct 18, 2005 7:01 pm

O.K. I guess that was my hint to opt out as I am in way over my head. I have two brothers with very high IQ and I also have trouble conversing with them. I guess that is when the emotional side of me kicks in and I ramble. Again, sorry and I won't waste your time any more. Thanks for the info-

Re: fiber disease

Tue Oct 18, 2005 8:03 pm

annedill wrote:O.K. I guess that was my hint to opt out as I am in way over my head. I have two brothers with very high IQ and I also have trouble conversing with them. I guess that is when the emotional side of me kicks in and I ramble. Again, sorry and I won't waste your time any more. Thanks for the info-

No Anne, I was not talking to you, but to the poster called forum! His long posts are pure gibberish, and I wish he/she could try to explain him/herself a little better.
I have no problems with your posts, nor do I assume that your IQ is too low or anything, I just whish that those long meaningless posts would be clearer, at least for me.


Thu Oct 20, 2005 3:04 pm

Ok i'm new but i'm very curious about this disease that is why i registered. I know i may be on the wrong track here (i'm a mechanical engineer tech. couldn't get much further from the medical field lol). I realized there seems to be quite the connection between this and hair.......one guy said it seems to be growing around his hair or in his hair, people say its worse on the top of their heads (naturally where more hair is), and people report massive hair loss. Maybe its connected with your hair.......if this is completely stupid just let me know but i just wanted to throw this out there.......in an area thats affected and seems to be causing problems with hair is there any way you can remove the hair that wouldnt be to painfull to the affected area? I doubt it would make a difference but its just an idea i had.

not just hair

Thu Oct 20, 2005 5:11 pm

I, too, suffer from this fiber disease. It does cause problems with hair, but it's not just a problem, it's a CHANGE in the hair, the properties of the hair. I just noticed 'onset' of this 3 months ago

In my personal experience with this, each follicle appears at times to have additional growth up the shaft. Some of the fibers are clearly not anything you would recognize as hair. Sometimes where one hair should be coming up there are 3 and the total texture is different, again, if it is indeed hair.

I have begun to believe that one aspect of this is indeed algae-like, fungus type, with more going on than meets the eye. When I look at my boyfriends lower back (straight up the middle of it) there are many additional hairs that were never there before. They are very soft with 3 or so 'hairs' coming out with a white sheath surrounding where the hairs actual come out of the skin. Like a bloom. I have noticed this also on my own lower legs. Sometimes I skip the shaving regimen to see if it's still happening, and it is. It may be on a cycle.

There are instances of people shaving their heads to alleviate they symptoms, but it appears they are doing so for comfort, and it's easier to treat the scalp/cysts/lesions without hair in the way.

On my forearms I have seen bruise type discolorations that never quite surface to the skin (with no injury causing it). This has a burning feeling, and naturally you rub the hurting area. subsequently, dark fibers work their way up through the skin are about 1/8 cm in length, looks like a splinter. i don't have a microscope but have sent samples to a pathologist for review (waiting).

I, too, have symmetrical cysts/lesions on my body, most especially on the back of my head just inside the hairline - and as of Monday long straight 'scratches' beneath the skin surface on my abdomen. They aren't identical, but they're very close. The arm splinter/bruises occur simultaneously on both arms at same time, with same pain. Involuntary muscle twitching/jumping occurs in same muscle on both sides of body at same time.

This is far, far more than an irritating hair problem.

I have severe left eye pain, stomach pain, kidney pain, burning/hurting in limbs, and my tongue has been completely white at times. Granules that appear on skin, like sand, tobacco like specs, and fibrous cocoons/masses that sting and appear on the skins surface. For all practical purposes, it feels like I am dying. I have lost 15 lbs within 2 months, and I was normal weight/health. The symptoms go on and on from there. This thing is in my blood.

My mother, boyfriend, and small son are ALL dealing with this. 3 separate households, now. Just learned within the last 2 days of another person just within my circle of friends that has this, too, so that makes 4 households.

The comment here about 'stem cell' has my undivided attention, as does the relationship with algae. The tiny dark fibers that emerge from my arms have appeared to look like they had a tiny 'wing' or transparent matter extruding from it at an angle that an insect wing would (which would fit the description of a bioengineered merge with insect).

What is going on here?

Thu Oct 20, 2005 6:17 pm

The human hair follicle is used as a stem cell by scientists as alternative for embryo.

Stem cell rellated is this micro organism because it shows this type affinity and because its artificial quorum sensing is a way to make its single cell nature function like a multi cellular one.

We are multi cellular organisms.

This quorum sensing property will happen between species of the same kind as well as species of another kind.

Quorum sensing represents communication based on chemical signals, like between butterfly and plant.

This property has been put in commensal resembling micro organisms.

The cyano bacterium is the tree where diversification takes place.

The organism is like MRSA sensible for essential oil;
In fact rubbing this type medium in Your fresh washed hands is a house hold test to check if You are positive.


My study is not based on polymer sensing type fibers, but on micro organisms that are responsible for this disease

fibers in hair

Fri Oct 21, 2005 10:11 pm

right click on link and choose "save as" . Note towards the end how these fibers actually grow THRU the hair follicle. On time lapse clips you will see these fibers move, quite dramatically somtimes, but never very fast.

By the way: Forum.. Which essential oil specifically are you talking about? And what will be the result on an infection with this? Will it resolve on its own? does it revert to a dormant stage? Could you tell us a bit more about what it does to the body as opposed to what the pathogen is? Thanks


oops heres the link

Fri Oct 21, 2005 10:13 pm

sorry here's the link.

http://www.nondelusional.com/video%20cl ... 20hair.wmv

Re: oops heres the link

Fri Oct 21, 2005 10:17 pm

my bad. previous link is no good not sure how to make link work from this site so go to http://www.nondelusional.com/video%20clips.htm then right click on the fibers in hair link and choose "save as". that will work for sure.

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