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The Fiber Disease

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Postby Skytroll » Mon Sep 11, 2006 4:39 pm

Hey Nadas,

Like the Kentucky idea. You know what the CDC was here testing the algae infested waters already, there is a little small space next to our little PO here.
Might check into it.
See what you mean Tam Tam. Sorry about the bushes, too many bugs in there anyway.
Hey, Michigan, lots of water, lots of samples, lots of info, is the top Bio Life Corridor in the the States.
have access to college and a cool judge. Now, will a local one do?
What is Humana, Nadas?
Want me to check into it and give the judge a call?

Also some action going on in Fla, don't have specifics yet, but, when do will go with it and get documents.

King Cobra
King Cobra
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Postby Skytroll » Mon Sep 11, 2006 4:43 pm

Tam TAm,

What shall we call this foundation?

And how connect to EU?

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King Cobra
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Postby Skytroll » Mon Sep 11, 2006 4:45 pm

Tam Tam,

Do you have that letter to ECDC?

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King Cobra
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Postby tamtam » Mon Sep 11, 2006 5:20 pm

You are free to give the foundation a name.
I would do that after getting an idea where to locate the foundation.

Just propose a name and create public response.

Redefine democracy!

Its up to you all.
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Postby Nadas Moksha » Mon Sep 11, 2006 6:35 pm

hey Sky sorry for smearing that last post......

after you mentioned cdc had me thinking....

the Louisville Water resevoure is a giant rectangle with a masonic structure dividing it into two squares ...

natural elevation made for some fair to the public , many walk around the perimeter for exercise...

i woulld take my daughters there often... untill about six months ago ...
on the stairs leading to the perimeter, atop is the gothic structure ,once you could go right or left.... the left was sealed off with yellow caution tape....
i found it odd.. and upon taking the right we walked all the way around to find a thick orange/green foam colllecting on the edges where once the crystal clear water sat still ... it churned, not in a vorex but as if fluid was bein forced in , i steped over the yellow tape and peeked under a blue tarp crossing the walk way my suprise here were three large colored pipes leading into the water....the pipes ran down the hill to the street to a mid size chemical truck.. not like the ones that carry petrol but the kind that carry reagents!
this freeked me out... and thats when i began posting ....
shortly after that the whole resivour is shut off .. they have the street blocked off.

no word from any offical.. ive called them all they said its standard?

thats why in a few of my first posts i was asking about rain water...
the test i created is still confusing...

take a hot dry pan on stove constant heat ..

drip a drop aof rain water on it and watch.......

it should fizzel and steam out quickly acording to most therodynamics..

the crap raining down in my area will spin into an orb and keeps gaing
velocity until a certain hexagon pattern is reached then it becomes brown
and gradually gets smaller untill it exits as a fine black speck...

a sort of gravitic effect goes on in the spin ... like if you add more drops
they try to avoid each at all costs but once velocity is gained they unite....

weird sh%t ....
that what leds my research off the planet..
Nadas Moksha
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Postby London » Mon Sep 11, 2006 7:29 pm

Thanks for the posting TamTam. I will see about uniting....l.but the deal is we do noyt know who is really sick and who is just screaming lies so we,

the Defective, can live in pain and misery.

Also, I do hope I did not offend anyone w/ my post earlier this am....Was extrememly upset and massive headache. Also, Sky, Nad, and new posters, I did not read your post above mine this morning but it looks like you guys are on to something.....good job! I'm going to go read the last 3 pages now.

Also, TamTam, a couple of pages back you listed weight and something to to w/ the feed in the you see this, can you telll me if the doxy is causing the weight gain? I have gained about 22 lbs from nowhere.....I eat like a damn bird. Thank you.

skytroll, omg, yes, gotta a million documents on that lake in Michigan.,...bad, bad, bad, and did you see Sytemics hyperlink on snail talked of it being eel larvae.....I remember posting about eels (or something like that on LB back in May)

skytroll, you said:
What does everyone with Morgellons have in common? Compromised immune systems? Or is it something to do with our genes?

What do you think? I think both really but want your opinion. The DNA no doubt.

oh God, I hope I am wrong.....this is trippy....

[An autopsy case of anoxic encephalopathy caused by transient upper airway obstruction]

[Article in Japanese]

Yoshida Y, Honma Y.

Department of Neuropathology, Hirosaki University, School of Medicine, Japan.

We reported the pathological findings of an autopsy case of anoxic encephalopathy, with special reference to the topography of degenerative changes in the nervous system. A 47 year-old man, who had an episode of sudden upper air-way obstruction although his radial artery pulsation was maintained, and then suffered from akinetic mutism and myoclonus for 2 years and 5 months, died of bronchopneumonia. Postmortem examination revealed that, in addition to wide distribution of mild neuronal loss and astrocytosis in the cerebral and cerebellar gray matter, focal pseudolaminer necrosis of the IIIrd and IVth cortical layers was predominantly noticed in the calcarine cortex, pre- and postcentral gyri and transverse temporal cortex. However, the cortical architecture of the Ammon's horn, arterial boundary zones and depths and sides of sulci was not involved. This topography of neuronal degeneration was considered to correspond with those of methyl-mercury intoxication. However, his history and neurological examination before the episode denied the intoxication. Conclusively, the characteristic distribution of the brain damage in this case are resulted from the episode of pure anoxic anoxia, suggesting that the anoxic encephalopathy would make up a different involvement pattern of the brain from those of ischemic encephalopathy.

i think it is indeed something in the jet fuels.....that tamtam spoke of....they (the pipes to fuel the jets) runs underground.....hence...infecting our ground water.

Skytroll, hey, I had no idea of your disagreement w/ tamtam back 2 pages in the middle. So, this is what i want to meantioned something about the parasite and weight gain......

here's what I'm thinking....kind of like Systemic...that it is the doxy causing the wietght gain in me. Is it? please advise someone.

PS: I type on this website and also when I would type on the morgellons blog site....the computer screen would begin to flash bright colors at me....hurting the eye evem/.///especially on the cursor.

okay, no advice? Want me to keep on then? could it be from the colors of the fibers? Was I right when I said last week those PDMF fibers.? I dunno, looks like maybe I was? are they the same thing as the Piezo-whatever fibers?

it's the oligodexeoxynudeotides is it not? Now read this, pay close attention to the last 2-3 it saying that they (the gold particles of spreading cancer? (I really don't know, need help here)

Condensation of Therapeutic Oligodeoxynucleotides and Plasmid DNA with PPI Dendrimers and PPI-Modified Gold Nanoparticles
Authors: A.M. Chen, S.K. Nair, T.T. Thomas, T.J. Thomas and H. He
Affilation: Rutgers Unverisity, Newark, US
Pages: 29 - 32
Keywords: gene delivery, gold nanoparticles, ODN condensation, DNA condensation, cancer therapy, dendrimer, nanoparticle
Abstract: We demonstrated the formation of oligonucleotide nanoparticle in the presence of polypropylenimine dendrimers using total intensity light scattering as well as AFM and TEM. Confocal microscopic analysis showed that the nanoparticles formed with G4 and G5 dendrimers could undergo facile cellular uptake in a breast cancer cell line, MDA-MB-231, whereas particles formed with G1–G3 dendrimers lacked this property. Zeta potential analysis showed the positive charge of nanoparticles formed with G1-G3 dendrimers were significantly lower (5.5 – 6.5 mV) than those (12-18 mV) of particles formed with G4 and G5 dendrimers. These results indicate that the structure and charge density of the dendrimers exert an important effect on ON nanoparticle formation and cellular transport. Furthermore, we studied the condensation mechanism of the ON by PPI dendrimers and found that the PPI dendrimers first “zipped” the ON molecules by electrostatic interactions to form extended chains and the extended chains were then converted to the condensed spheroid and toroid-like nanoparticles. Finally, we report a novel condensing approach to reach a goal of high efficiency and low/nontoxic transport of high concentration ONs to cancer cells by using gold nanoparticles. This approach is very different from previous reported condensation of DNA by using Au nanoparticles in that in our approach, the gold nanoparticles acted as liable condensation “catalysts” to help the low generation dendrimers to effectively condense DNA while maintaining their non-toxic property.
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Postby Systemic » Mon Sep 11, 2006 9:39 pm

That is exactly what I have been thinking Sky.
What do we have in common?
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Death Adder
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Postby London » Mon Sep 11, 2006 9:51 pm

Systemic!!! Hi, I just clicked onto write you and wow, you just posted. i hope you see this. Listen, I just now saw your post back re: Slidell, La.

So, the BR eh? Commodites and exchange......and , everyone remember one of my favorite people on Lymebusters was named Orion!!
Loved him, the lil smart-A! Well, check this out.....could this be what he is involved in? He told me once that he used to work for SBelll (Yuck!)
I'm dropping my contract with them as of sept 21st......
and Systemic (I hope I spelled that right) I think I get what you were saying when you mentioned antibiotic resistant......the doxy does not work does it?

You know what else I think? Up above somewhere on the endings of one of my post, I said to Tamam, about the diff. species they used.....

so, now I'm thinking that they cloned all 10 or 12 things (insects)

guessing here......the flea, the mites, the spider, the tick.....the Collembola
with : STREP, S.Cervechie, Epstein Barr Virus

and mixed them with the transgenic plants......the melons, the tg tobacco,
oilseed rape, the beets......the citrus too/////

and......not to leave off the real big ones....cyanobacteria and I think moss. just guessing
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King Cobra
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Antibiotic resistance

Postby Systemic » Mon Sep 11, 2006 9:57 pm

The EPA warned that to release an antibiotic resistant strain of bacteria in the environment could have devastating consequences.
The report was filed late. Late submissions are not accepted.
therefore. The release was approved.
see, more importantly listen here.
gotta go, will catch up to ya later.
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Postby London » Mon Sep 11, 2006 10:05 pm

oh look what the did in ireland.....cloned a damn gene! (or two)

20 January 2006

siRNA-based approaches in cancer therapy
G R Devi1

The availability of the human genome sequence has revolutionized the strategy of employing nucleic acids with sequences complementary to specific target genes to improve drug discovery and target validation. Development of sequence-specific DNA or RNA analogs that can block the activity of selected single-stranded genetic sequences offers the possibility of rational design with high specificity, lacking in many current drug treatments for various diseases including cancer, at relatively inexpensive costs. Antisense technology is one such example that has shown promising results and boasts of yielding the only approved drug to date in the genomics field. However, in vivo delivery issues have yet to be completely overcome for widespread clinical applications. In contrast to antisense oligonucleotides, the mechanism of silencing an endogenous gene by the introduction of a homologous double-stranded RNA (dsRNA), transgene or virus is called post-transcriptional gene silencing (PTGS) or RNA interference. PTGS is a natural mechanism whereby metazoan cells suppress expansion of genes when they come across dsRNA molecules with the same sequence. Short interfering RNA is currently the fastest growing sector of this antigene field for target validation and therapeutic applications. Although, in theory, the development of genomics-based agents to inhibit gene expression is simple and straightforward, the fundamental concern relies upon the capacity of the oligonucleotide to gain access to the target RNA. This paper summarizes the advances in the last decade in the field of PTGS using RNA interference approaches and provides relevant comparisons with other oligonucleotide-based approaches with a specific focus on oncology applications.

but, nah, this was written too 2005 So scratch that one let's move on to this: they friggin knew it antibiotic resistant vs. drug reactions.....and I read something on this back last Nov. or so,,,,was talking about all the soldiers and them dying of drug interactions.....LETS NEVER FORGET OUR POOR TRAVIS.....

Drug Interaction or Adverse Drug Reaction? Confusing Terms. 10 July 1998
The news item (BMJ 1998;316:1930), while citing a reference(1), mistakingly has ascribed two million American hospitalizations annually to drug interactions instead of adverse drug reactions (ADR). ADRs may include drug interactions as one of many causes but the reverse is not true. The reader is cautioned regarding usage of drug reaction terms as multiple nearly-similar terms of varying granularity abound. Examples of drug interaction terms include adverse drug interaction, drug-drug interaction, drug-laboratory interaction, drug-food interaction, etc.

Drug interaction is defined as, "An action of a drug on the effectiveness or toxicity of another drug". And "An adverse reaction to a drug has been defined as any noxious or unintended reaction to a drug that is administered in standard doses by the proper route for the purpose of prophylaxis, diagnosis, or treatment(2). However, WHO's original definition of ADR excluded therapeutic failures, intentional and accidental poisoning and drug abuse, as well as adverse events due to medication errors such as drug administration or non-compliance(1).

Recently, another more inclusive term, Adverse Drug Event (ADE) has come into use. According to Bates et al, the term ADE, defined as an injury resulting from medical intervention related to a drug, is preferred since it is more comprehensive and clinically significant than the ADR(3).

Due to non-uniform usage of these terms, it is sometimes difficult to compare various studies and derive incidence rates, etc. for ADRs, and Drug Interactions. Let us hope that standardization of these drug-related terms occurs as rapidly as our understanding of these phenomena evolve.
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Postby Nadas Moksha » Mon Sep 11, 2006 10:14 pm

man i was at one time granted the disgracefull title of Master Control Operator at a local CBS affiliate, and boy i can not type even a fraction of what is actually going down....
put it this way the TV the Radio the Cell phone and Computer is the one thing we all have in common and like the ordered chaos of noise, there is a human IP adress and the frequency protocal geneticaly coupled to that social security number that represents a certain asset in a certain queens bank.

all device if one looks close has an FCC id tag and even states
in second half of part 15 :

-this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause UNDESIRED operation.
complies with DHHS rules 21 CFR subchapter J.

Nadas Moksha
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Postby mfromcanada » Mon Sep 11, 2006 10:25 pm

London and Tamtam, let me clarify. My weight was never affected at all by doxycycline. It helped immensely with pain due to inflamation etc. What I was trying to say is that I think one can gain weight if the load of parasititic organizisms is too high. Just like in filariasis except perhaps more widely distributed.Another cause of weight gain could be the response to the toxins emitted by the organism. The toxins cause an immune response and inflamation. The inflamation can cause weight gain.
I have had this since the early 80's and antibiotics do not make them go away. You will have periods where there are no lesions, however they are always there under your skin and will create lesions again and again. I feel as though my symptoms are almost as bad as a person who has AIDs. The symptoms also wax and wane and are not necessarily related to the timing of the lesions. If any of the "newly infested" want to know what you are in for, just check out any fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome/sarcoidosis/lyme disease/rosacea etc. bulletin boards. Its all the same disease as far as I am concerned. It starts with chronic fatigue and then develops.
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